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Thursday, 28 April 2011



If a man comes to your door and asks you to show him your bottom (backside) as part of a nationwide health survey,
DON'T DO IT!, it's a scam. The man is entirely unauthorised.
I wish I had recieved this email yesterday.......

(ps: You woudn't believe the trouble I had trying to get a picture for this post. If one goes to Bing Images and types in "Man's bare bottom" a lot of very unsuitable pictures appear!)


John said...

Oh crikey, I too wish I had seen this earlier! I have just got back from the cells! ;)

Not really! Very good bazza. I am getting a lot of very annoying people coming to the door and asking if they can rely on my vote on May 5th though, I say `No` to most!

bazza said...

Hi John. I really can't decide what to do May 5th. The Swiss claim that we don't have many referenda in the UK because the population is too stupid! I think they may be right!

dcrelief said...

That's funny!

bazza said...

dcrelief: Thanks, Dixie. It made me laugh!
By the way, for clarity I should explain (see John's comment, above) on May 5th the UK is having a national referendum to decide if we should have a new voting system whereby you place candidates in order and rank them.
If there isn't a clear winner in the first round, then second, third, fourth place etc would be taken into consideration.

Anonymous said...

The cheeky Sir Tom Eagerly says:
Sorry about that Bazza old boy. I didn't know it was your door.
Bottoms up!

Anonymous said...

ps: There's a referendum on May 5th? I really must get out more.

David said...

Dear bazza,
Damn. I wish I'd read your post sooner!
Mind you, I wouldn't really reveal my a*** to a stranger at the door. In any case, mine might block out the sun and ruin the good weather for everyone!
Yours with Very Best Wishes,

THE SNEE said...

Turnaround is fair play! My turn to google UK politics.

What will you decide Bazza? Other than baring your bum (lol) to strangers, are there big downsides to this?

bazza said...

David: Yes David, me too. I feel so cheap and dirty!
(I usually peek through the window to see if it looks like Jehovah's Witnesses, against whom I have nothing, but I don't wish to join them.)

bazza said...

Sir Tom: Yes I believe it could have been you and yes there is a referendum only for sober citizens I'm afraid.
For an explanation see my response to The Snee, below

bazza said...

The Snee: The trouble with this referendum is that very few people have a clear idea of what they want or what the consequences would be.
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is divided into 650 constituencies of roughly equal numbers of voters.
In a General Election, every five years maximum, the elected representative goes to Westminster.
Any party (or coalition) who can muster 326 (that's half of the 650 plus one, a majority) seats can form a government.
It's a first-past-the post system because the candidate who gets most votes wins the seat, even if its not a majority.
The advantage of this system is that you get a government who can govern! They have stability, more so than in most other democracies in Europe.
That's the status quo.
The new system would allow you to rank as many candidates as you want. By referring back to 2nd, 3rd choices etc a clear majority winner would be elected which, in theory, gives more chance to smaller parties!
Get it? You are in the minority if you do!

Kelly said...

If a man came to my door and asked to see my bare bottom, I'd probably whack him in the head with my baseball bat. To tell you the truth, though, I'd look out my peephole first. If it's someone I don't recognize, I don't even answer the door. I take it, though, by looking at the other comments and your own, that this has something to do with UK politics. Your explanation to The Snee kinda cleared it up, somewhat, for me. Take care, dude. Keep your bottom covered.

bazza said...

Hi Kelly: I thought you were laying down in a quite room for a few weeks after your marathon blogfest! It's a pleasent surprise to hear from you.
The original blog was of course just a joke but it somehow got linked to this referendum we are having on Thursday; I'm not sure I understand it myself.