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Friday, 31 August 2018

A Bit of Fun (2)

For the umpteenth time I have been listening to a fabulous recording by The Everly Brothers and The Beach Boys together singing Don't Worry Baby. Listen to it HERE

Thursday, 23 August 2018

A Bit of Fun (1)

I am a moderator on a Facebook group that has 72,000 members. I offer here a sample of some of the things I have posted over the past few months:

I'm listening to Brinsley Schwarz, led by Nick Lowe, singing Happy Doing What We're Doing. Listen here.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Painting of the month (83) August 2018: Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman is a photographer who specialises in female portraits emulating various iconic images of women. Her most famous work, Untitled Film Stills (1978-1980) is a set of 69 monochrome portraits based on Hollywood movie stills intended to subvert the role of women in the film world. Some of her other work includes fashion shoots, album covers and a few short films.
Image result for cindy sherman untitled film stills
Image result for cindy sherman untitled film stills
Image result for cindy sherman colour
She has also produced images parodying historical portraits, centre-folds and publicity shots. They are deliberately clich├ęd. She is a true artist in the sense that she creates images which reflect the society we live in and holds up a mirror for us to examine our values.Image result for cindy sherman colour

Image result for cindy sherman untitled film stills
In case you had not realised every one of these photos is a self-portrait of the artist!

Saturday, 4 August 2018

REPOST: How Beer Saved the World

I am enjoying trawling through some of my favourite posts and publishing them again - I think it's better than posting nothing at the moment, (which would be the alternative)!

How Beer Saved The World

I'm here to defend the good name of beer and to tell you how it saved the world. Really.
Many scientists and anthropologists now believe that it was not the desire for bread that kick-started the agricultural revolution that ended hunter-gathering 9,000 years ago; it was the yearning for barley to make beer. This led to inventions such as the plough, the wheel, irrigation, mathematics and even led to writing! This cascade of world-changing innovations was brought about by the desire for beer.
In ancient Eygypt workers were paid in beer so we could say that we wouldn't have had the Pyramids without beer. There are those who claim it is one of the major food groups because of it's nutritional content.
In modern times it played an important role in refrigeration, the discovery of germ theory and modern medicine. 
However, in Medieval times when water was too dirty to drink, possibly it's most important function was to support the population. Beer was safe to drink and men, women and children drank it morning to night, certainly in England.
That possibly is still the case in some parts! Cheers.

I'm listening to Billy Joel's 
Say Goodbye to Hollywood