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Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Ten Andy Warhol self-portraits

Andy Warhol, born Andy Warhola Jr in 1928, was an enigma even to those who were close to him. He became well known in the 1960s in the field of Pop Art and filming-making. His images of Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and even of tins of Campbell’s soup became world-famous iconic images, However, these ten selected images show him as he wanted to be seen by the world. The works are portraits of the artist's masks and their ambiguity lies in whether they are, in fact, accurate representations of the real Warhol or simply a means of deception - an act in pursuit of privacy. See what you think…

I'm listening to the American country singer Iris DeMent with her song Let the Mystery Be which is about whether or not there is an afterlife. She's not everyones cup of tea but I love her voice and her quirky facial expressions. And I also really like seeing real musicians playing. Listen here - it's fun!