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Friday, 8 April 2011

One in Five by Paul Curtis
One in five in
The world today
Are apparently
Chinese they say

Now we have five
In our family
So one is Chinese
I know it’s not me

Well it’s not mum
Or my dad even
So it must be one
Of my brothers then

Now is it Colin
Or Lee Woon Jae
I think its Colin
I have to say
                             Copyright © Paul Curtis.
I love the simple humour and the lovely twist at the end of this poem. I have read it many times and I always have to smile!


Kelly said...

Ah Ha! I knew it would be Colin! Something just told me. Hmmm. :) Great little funny poem, bazza. Hey, I just noticed something. I'm the first commenter. Not only that, but I'm not Chinese.

Have a great weekend!

bazza said...

Hi 'Kerry'. Funnily enough, I also noticed that you are not Chinese!
It's 7:25 am in the UK and the sun is streaming into the room - I think I will enjoy the weekend. Hope you do too!

Anonymous said...

The charming Sir Tom Eagerly says:
Would you believe Bazza, that some people think I am a Philistine but I can enjoy poetry such as this. No problem. I wonder who out of the first five commenters will be Chinese. We have already established that it's not Kelly and it aint me babe so let's wait and see.
How delicious!

joanne fox said...

Cute poem! Have a lovely weekend. Joanne (not Chinese)

bazza said...

Sir Tom: If you can appreciate this classic verse then, clearly, you are no Philistine; more turpentine I would say.

joanne fox: Hello Yoranne. You are the third commenter so let's see who the fifth and obviously Chinese one will be!
Have a great weekend yourself.

THE SNEE said...

Is it me? Some people ask if my son's father is Chinese....Hmmm? His father isn't, but maybe we need to go climbing up the family tree to figure it out. Great verse. Fun and whimsical. I liked the puzzle that accompanied it too. We have sunshine here as well. Have a good weekend Bazza.

bazza said...

Snee: You are the fourth commenter so it must be the next one then. How exciting......
Enjoy the sunshine!

Ellena said...

I love Chineese Fodd but please....
I'm already half German, half Greek. Enough already.
Discovered you taday, Bazza. Will come by again.

klahanie said...

Ah bazza, how are you, dear boy? Delighted you love simple humour (or for your adoring American fans 'humor')and thrilled you like a "lovely twist". Did you dance away the night to the sounds of Chubby Checker?
Cheerio, pip, pip and all that sort of rot :)

bazza said...

Ellena: Welcome to 'To Discover Ice', it's nice to meet you. As you are the fifth commenter and all the others have declared that they are not Chinese it must be you! Nice try with German-Greek thing but you are fooling nobody!

bazza said...

Gary: I like all things simple (hello Gary!). Ha ha, enjoy the weekend.

Ellena said...

Thanks for not commenting on my spelling mistakes. J'ai honte.

Dixie@dcrelief said...

This poem made me smile too. Thanks for sharing it.
On the dark side, I was reminded of The Monty Python ditty: "I like Chineese." :)

bazza said...

Ellena: Aucun besoin!

dcrelief: Although very fond of Monty Python I had never heard that song so I just popped over to You Tube to hear it!
Very amusing and entirely inoffensive I think. Thanks for that.

David said...

Dear bazza,
Nice poem, and I know I'm not Chinese. Mind you, there were only four in our little nuclear family.
Take Care and with Very Best Wishes,

bazza said...

David: Only four of you? OK, you can't be Chinese then David. It must be the next person who comments!
All the best to you David.

joanne said...

i like the poem ... it makes me smile...

since i just came over from Gary's where i wished to become a pixie or a fairy (after seeing you're going to become a gnome), i can see myself as Chinese too... a Chinese pixie... :)

bazza said...

Hello Joanne. I can see you as a Chinese fairy. That couild make a fine image for your next post!