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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Painting of the Month (17) May 2001: Georgia O'Keeffe

You may notice that this image is shown a little too big to fit the space it's in. That's deliberate because I wanted to demonstrate the large scale of her work. This painting of a poppy is typical of her output. She made highly technical paintings which made her famous from the 1920s onward. Some of her large flower paintings vere towards the abstract and often have anthropomorphic quality. I think there is an almost sinister quality to this painting.
The painting below, left, is clearly referencing female gentalia - this is not accidental.(Image removed, not by me July 2011)
She was of the school of American Realism so any feelings of abstraction can only be hinted at.
She died at the age of 98 in 1986 and is one of the major figures of American 20th century art.


THE SNEE said...

First one here! That's a first after my long period of distractedness.

I love Georgia O'Keefe, Bazza! It has been a long time since I've been to one of her exhibits. Amazing how humanity is so structurally similar to plants and animals, isn't it. Great Post!

bazza said...

Hi Rebecca. Shamefully she does not have a high profile in the UK but she was certainly someone who shifted the boundaries of modern art. I'm embarrassed to say that the first 16 'Paintings of the Month' have all been European, mainly British artists and this is the first of a few North Amercan painters I will feature this year. I'm glad you like her work.

bazza said...


Anonymous said...

The concerned Sir Tom Eagerly says:
I say Bazza, old thing, I'm deeply concerned that you might be turning into a dirty old man. Do try to cut back on the ladies parts a bit, dear chap: there are enough of us dirty old men around already. Tally Ho!

David said...

Dear bazza,
I had a friend at university who was a big Georgia O'Keefe fan. She happened to be female, so perhaps no wonder.
I think there is a lot to be said for her paintings, portraying, as they do, the female, erm, parts as a beautiful part of nature.
I remember seeing a documentary once in which women were actually counselled and taught to "love" that part of themselves, as so many seem not to. This seemed to come from the fact that many men have portarayed such things as hateful, a bi-product of gynophobia (male hatred of the physical aspects of women).
As you can see, bazza, I have thorougly researched this subject!
Great paintings, all the same.
Yours with Very Best WSishes,

Kelly said...

She was a very gifted artist. I like her paintings. They give you, or at least me, a feeling of well being that I cannot aptly explain. I really didn't notice that the painting on the left that resembled a vagina until you made reference to it in this post. As for Sir Tom, I suggest he keeps his hands out of his pants when he visits this site. He's such a naughty boy.

Slowly but surely, I'm catching up to everyone's blogs. Take care, Bazza!

bazza said...

Sir Tom: It's all in your mind Sir Tom, you rascal! I am content to let you be a dirty old man on your own.

David: I am impressed by your knowledge of art and gyneacology and male psychology!). Thanks for your contribution.

Kelly: I hope you are beginning to recover some feeling in your brain! Thanks for your comment and you're right about Sir Tom.

joanne fox said...

I enjoy your paintings of the month, and do like Georgia O'Keefe's vibrant pictures.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend with the family.

joanne said...

i so love georgia o'keefe's artwork as well, and am just thrilled to see her as one of your choices. Coincidentally this weekend i stumbled on some stunning photographs taken of her in black and white, so it is timely to click through and find her here too and a group of really thoughtful comments...

(I hope your family celebration for Sonny went wonderfully... what a joyful step in everyone's healing.)

bazza said...

joanne fox: I am pleased to see that she is so popular; I didn't realise. The weekend in the Cotswolds with the family was excellent and lot's of fun and on the way back, yesterday, we visted Legoland in Windsor for even more fun!

joanne: There are some wonderful photo's of her which remind you, when you see how 'dated' the photos seem that she was a very modern painter ahead of her time.
Commentors have such wonderfull insight and observations which improves the viewing experience (for me at least!)