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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Quiz Questions (16): A Pot Pourri

Uniquely this time my quiz is not about literature or art but instead, a range of new topics:
Q1: Apart from being the plural of 'utopia' what is Utopias?
Q2: Lloyds of London, the financial institution, was founded in 1688 by Edward Lloyd as..... what?
Q3: What is the strongest muscle in the human body, relative to it's size?
Q4: Which modern English word derives from the old Persian phrase. "Shah mat", which means "the King is dead"?
Answers to follow after a few guesses have been made!


The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

1. No idea
2. Not sure
3. No idea
4. Check mate

There you go, one out of four. Could be worse. Just

THE SNEE said...

Hi Bazza,

I've been very wik-ed. I couldn't wait for the answers. That being said. You got me on Utopias!

This was fun Bazza! I guess I can't ever try out for the American Game Show, Jeopardy. Sigh....

John said...

Hi bazza,
I think I know the answers to some of these!
Q1: The only Utopias I have heard of is the beer, I think brewed by Samuel Adams?
Q2: Lloyds was a coffee house/cafe
Q3: This is a tricky one, some say The Tongue, others The Heart, I would plump for The Tongue (in relation to its size)
Q4: Check mate!

THE SNEE said...

Hi Bazza,

Blogger is messing with me! I left a comment on this post yesterday, or the day before, but I see that it isn't here.....ah darn....and I thought I was so clever!

I didn't know ANY of the answers and was so impatient that I got a bit 'wiked' I must demurely disqualify myself.

I loved this quiz!

David said...

Dear bazza,
Don't know the answers to any of these questions, but if I was to guess, I'd say the tongue was the strongest muscle in relation to its size. I think the old gluteus maximus is the largest muscle, but whether it is the strongest I don't know, and that wasn't the question anyway!
From a somewhat bemused and befuddled paranoid and delusional man.

bazza said...


bazza said...

John: As is the norm these days I don't say whose right or wrong until a few days have passed.

Snee: I saw your earlier comment in my emails but it didn't appear here! Thanks for being honest!

David: You are usually one of the first to get these qiestions right. No more comment for now!

Dixie@dcrelief said...

Hi Bazza.

Yep, Blogger had problems; my post was affected as well.

Q1: Samuel Adams' Utopias' beer
Q2: I don't know, but I was thinking jewelry? LOL
Q3: Depends on what you define as 'strength' A- The jawbone can exert 200 lbs of pressure. B- For longevity the heart can be beat continuously for 70 plus years. C- In terms of energy, the eyes use 24% of the total body's energy every day...which increases with constant internet fun!
Q4: Checkmate.

Okay, this was fun; see you!

bazza said...

Hi Dixie. Wow! Erudition personified! I am humbled in your presence etc. I will give the exact actual answers on Monday. The judges decision will be final (even if doubtful).

bazza said...

Hi Maskie. Supposing, just supposing that you have number four correct. Surely 'checkmate' would be one word and you would be disqualified on a technicality.
This is real and serious quiz!
However do try again sometime.

Anonymous said...

Sir Tom Eagerly of Mensa says:
I agree with whatever the winner says. Can I have half of the prize please?
Is the delicious masked one back on the scene? Oh how jolly; I must pay a visit.

joanne fox said...

So hard this time Bazza! I looked at these earlier in the week, but could not log in. Days later, I can log in but still don't know the answers to any. I could cheat and google I suppose, but it spoils the fun.

bazza said...

Sir Tom: I'm afraid that the only prize is the kudos, the honour and glory, Sir Tom. Surely your towering intellect will allow you to at least take a stab at this?

joanne fox: Yes it does spoil the fun but I bet some people would do that! Not my readers of course. Blogger seems to be OK now.

bazza said...

OK the definitive answers are as follows:
A1 - Utopias beer by Sam Adams of Boston.
A2 - LLoyds started as a coffee house back in 1688.
A3 - The tongue.
A4 - Checkmate

So. John was very quick off the mark with four correct answers with 99% because checkmate is one word!
I suppose if you know the answers this was an easy quiz and if you don't, it's tough.