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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Brussels, Belgium

  1. I have just returned from a brief vacation to Brussels with three friends.
  2. Brussels is the capital of the European Union.
  3. Brussels is jam-packed with beer-cafes, pubs, bars, restaurants etc etc.
  4. In Belgium they make up to five-hundred different bottled beers.
  5. My friends and I have been making this pilgrimage for twenty-one straight years now.
  6. My head hurts.


joanne fox said...

Guess you must have had a good time then! Brussels is lovely. Great old buildings and good food, though one beer is always enough for me!

bazza said...

joanne: Yes thanks! I'm not a big drinker myself but I must have forgotten to stop this time.
I love the mix of old and new architecture in Brussels(and Brugges, Ghent, Kortijk, Vuerne etc!)

Botanist said...

Well, I never visited Brussels but the beer sounds tempting. It also sounds like you fell for the temptation ;)

bazza said...

Botanist: I'm afraid so! There is, unsuprisingly a beer for every taste. The most famous exports are Hoegarden and Leffe.

Anonymous said...

The inebriate, Sir Tom Eagerly, says:
Well, Bazza. Sir Tom often makes it his concern to warn young people off alchohol. Let this be a salutory (what does that mean?) lesson to you young man!
Now, where's that bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl limited edition cognac?

David said...

Dear bazza,
Sounds as if you had a good time in good old Brussels, then. Also sounds like a fascinating place.
As beer is one of my favourite things, I shall have to put it on my list of "places to visit"!
Yours with Very Best Wishes,

Kelly said...

I think maybe, just maybe, but I'm not 100% sure, and this is just a guess, that perhaps your head hurts due to drinking a little... a wee bit, ya know. Who knows? :)

Sounds like you had a fun ol' time in Brussels. 21 years of that sort of thing is an admirable tradition.

bazza said...

Sir Tom: You are truly a bottomless git. Thanks for your fatherly advice. 'Salutary' things are those that improve you or teach you something; obviously not something you require!

David: Hi David, we go to a different Belgian destination most years. This was our third time in Brussels but Brugges is my favourite place to be. Beer, to the Belgians, is what wine is to the French.

Kelly: You know I think you may be right Kelly! It's a great tradition and we will keep it going as long as we are physically able (and the good ladies let us!).
Keep well.

THE SNEE said...

Always a good thing to get away and just live a little without regard to 'common sense'. Though I'm not a big beer drinker, Micro breweries in this part of the world are quite common, and can be yummy. Beer in Brussels sounds fun. Heck, Just Being in Brussels sounds great!

bazza said...

Snee: Hi.Yep, Brussels is a good tourist destination but so are many other medieval cities in Belgium. Brugges is just about near enough to London for a day trip; I often spend a day in France or Belgium, sometimes just for shopping!

dcrelief said...

Hi Bazza!
I don't how to drink (without stopping, so I don't start), but I love to travel. Sounds like a fun tradition.
Glad you're back safely.

bazza said...

Hi dixie. Thanks, I am back safely but this weekend we are off to Exmouth in Devon on the English south coast for a long weekend celebrating a cousin's anniversary.
It's a tough life.

klahanie said...

Ah bazza old chap. Jolly good to know you had a great time on your brief holiday to Brussels.
I've been rather out of the blogging loop. Of course, I'm over in British Columbia and having a most inspiring time, eh.
Take care eh, Gary :)

joanne said...

i'd love to have been an invisible fly on the wall and get to eavesdrop on the conversations you had over the free flow of beer :)

bazza said...

Sent from my BlackBerry: Hi gary. I am in Devon for family function and next weekend in Bournemouth for the weekend so I too am away from my home computer. Glad you are enjoying Canada! Joanne: I somehow don't think you would have enjoyed overhearing us. We are all getting on bit and beer, cars, technology and rock music dominated!