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Monday, 24 May 2010

Bruges, Belgium (Part One)

I'm off to Bruges in Belgium for few days with some friends. This trip is boys only and we will be sampling some of the above and some of what you see below!


Bob said...

I will look forward to hearing an account of your trip.....providing you can remember any of it after all that boozing.

klahanie said...

Hi bazza,
Ah Bruges. Now that is one beautiful little city. I have fond memories of visiting there. My former spouse is from Belgium. Her family live in and around Liege. The only beer they would drink was 'Jupiler'.
Have a good time.
With respect, Gary.

Mr. Stupid said...

That's great. Have loads of fun in your trip and bring back lots of pictures...

Kelly said...

Sounds like a cool trip. I really like that picture of the buildings in Bruges. The buildings look old and castle-like. And the water looks beautiful, too The beer looks tasty, as well.

Hope you have a swell time, man. Don't drink too much! :-) Heh heh. Yeah... right.

Ursel said...

Have fun in Bruges. I remember a long time ago, I went there to taste a couple of their beer. They have all kinds of flavors, I remember the cherry beer or the vinegar beer, so different from German beer, which falls under the German purity law and doesn't have these fancy flavors.

bazza said...

Bob: Although I do enjoy a glass of beer, I am a moderate drinker, and my next post will descibe Bruges for the uninitiated.

Gary: I have been to Liege but on balance I prefer the western, Flemish, half of Belguim known as Flanders. Only drinking Jupiler is like only drinking Budweiser and ignoring all the great North American brew-pubs and micro-brewerys! Thanks for the good wishes, I had a great time.

Mr. Stupid: Thanks for the thought. Pictures to follow!

Kelly: As Homer Simpson said when they removed a large chunk of his brain, "Why my head hurt?".
The buildings, canals, food and beer were, as ever, terrific.

Ursel: Hello again. The cherry beer is called Kriek and varies from sickly sweet to 'battery acid' or as you say, vinegar. They have have 500 bottles beers there and one can usually find a hundred or so great ones :-)

Mimi Lenox said...

I love traveling along with you and your friends. The pics are warm and cozy. The beer would make me dizzy.

Pencil Skirt doth not need to gain more dizzy....if you catch my drift.

bazza said...

Mimi: Next time we can invite you along and we'd all be dizzy!