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Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Art Deco Movement

The ever-popular Art Deco movement succeeded Art Nouveau roughly in the period between the two World Wars. It is characterised by three main points: geometric shapes, bright colour schemes and a 'decorative' finish. It tends to be uncomplicated and influenced architecture, art, furniture and jewellery design, clothing and living style in general.
This post is mainly a sumptuous visual feast!


John said...

Hi bazza,
I really like the Art Deco movement! The 1920`s had a bit of glamour that is missing in our lives now!
In Northampton there is a house that has been completely renovated to be in keeping with this era and has original furniture etc designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. It is open to the public and is a good place to visit.

joanne fox said...

Wonderful examples of deco style. The Chrysler Building is really stunning isn't it. I'd love to see it for real.

bazza said...

John: I like the way houses are turned into living museums. There's a Regency one in Bath. I would love to live in a Charles Rennie Mackintosh house.

joanne: I have seen the Chrysler and, for me, it's the best building in New York. (I saw it from the roof of one of the twin towers!)

THE SNEE said...

Hi Bazza,

I am a really big fan of Art Deco. I bought an antique art deco lamp about 10 years ago that travels with me whenever we relocate, and we tend to be drawn to lodging with art deco details. As for the Chrysler building. Inside and Out....It's glorious!

Thanks for the pics and the post.!

bazza said...

The Snee: I like those Art Deco lamps with a female figure holding the lamp aloft. It's incredible how much influence the style still has on modern creations such as poster advertising and product design.

David said...

Dear bazza,
I, also, am somewhat of a lover of Art Deco. The Chrysler Building has always been one of my favourites, and, if I remember correctly, I once posted about cinemas in the area of Stoke, which were often built in an Art Deco design. Unfortunately, many of these buildings have been unceremoniously demolished. Such is the meat-headed philistinism of our local council!
Anyway, bazza, thanks for giving us some great images of a movement I surely love.
Yours with All the Best,

bazza said...

Hello David. The Odeon Cinemas were wonderful examples of superb Art Deco style; alas, they have disappeared from everywhere in the UK.
Have a good weekend.

Greg said...

Really not all that up on the terminology or the different styles, but i really liked the one with the colorful buildings and the words Art Deco across the bottom.

bazza said...

Hi Greg. I don't think it's important to know all the terminology but simply to know what you like, which you seem to do! Presumably you are the Greg who comments at 'Psycho Carnival'?
Thanks for visiting.

Kelly said...

I always thought Art Deco artwork looked almost alien to me. Not that it's unappealing, really. It's just that the designs and imagery of this type of artwork, in paintings, buildings and so on are so stark- the lines, the colors. You look at this type of art and it just stands out- to the extreme.

Good to be back in the blogging biz. Take care, bazza!

dcrelief said...

Lovely, and I feel well fed.

bazza said...

Sorry about the late response. I've just got back from four days in Brussels, capital of the European Union and it's full of lovely restaurants, bars, pubs and beer-cafes.

Kelly: Hi. What's this? You're prejudiced against aliens? Just because they are full of angles and bright colours! Welcome back.

dcrelief: Hello there. 'Well fed'; that's a nice way to express a bulk exposure to Art Deco!