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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Quiz Question (4): Name this book.

Which best-selling 1954 novel took it's title from a translation of the Hebrew word beelzebub?
As usual the pictures could help. As ever, no prizes but extra kudos if you can say what the pictures are of and why they provide clues.
I will post the answer in the comments in a few days, unless someone gets it right sooner than that!
The correct answer is now posted in the comments but have a go and see if you were right. I reply to all comments no matter how old!


Bob said...

I recognised the photo. I used to read a lot of his books.

Golding's most famous novel was Lord of the Flies.

I can't make a connection with the image on the left....looks a bit like Adam and Eve however...if so then the link is surely original sin.

Alicia said...

Someone beat me to it!

But I believe that is the Nobel Prize medal next to the author's photograph.

David said...

Dear Bazza,
Yes, it is definitely William Golding, Nobel Laureate, and his book "Lord of the Flies", which must be the hebrew translation of beelzebub.
But who wins, bazza? Maybe Bob should, as he was so close and first to reply.
With Very Best Wishes,

bazza said...

Clearly, I am making these questions too easy.
I will use the judgement of Solomon and declare a three-way tie!
BOB was first and used good logic to get the right answer.
ALICIA correctly identified the Nobel Prize Medal for Literature.
And, finally, DAVID tied it all up by correctly surmising the complete answer.
Well done you three!
Next time it will be as if Beelzebub himself had set the question! Thanks for playing.

bazza said...

Of course I should have said, in case it isn't perfectly clear:
The book is Lord of the Flies, written by British Nobel Laureate (1983), Sir William Golding.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Yes, I knew 'Lord Of The Flies' was another name for beelzebub. I studied the book at school.

bazza said...

Jean-Luc: Hi, thanks for dropping in. I didn't know that myself before I researched for this question!