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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Quiz Questions (20): Self-Portraits

At last the long-promised very difficult quiz. You've been getting away with easy stuff up until now. No more Mr Nice Guy!
This tricky quiz is devious, difficult and daunting. But please have a guess at the answers; I promise not to laugh. Much.
So. Whose self-portraits are these?
(1) Whose self-portrait is this?
(2) Whose self-portrait is this?

(3) Whose self-portrait is this?

(4) Whose self-portrait is this?

(5) Whose self-portrait is this?
(6) Whose self-portrait is this?
The answers are now posted in the comments.


David said...

Dear bazza,
Well, you've certainly done it this time! This is indeed very difficult, but I'll have a stab in the dark at answering just a few. Number 1 to me looks like it might be a young T.S. Elliot. Number 4 might be Francis Bacon. And number 6 looks to me like the artist Frida Kahlo dressed as a man. As for the others I really have no idea, although the ones I have answered are really just guesses aswell.
Thanks for the brain exercise, bazza, and I look forward to seeing what others might think and the eventual correct answers.
Very Best Wishes,

bazza said...

Hello David. I am maintaining my usual position of not commenting until I give all the answers. However I will say this about your offerings - 'interesting'. I too am looking forward to some other answers/guesses.
Thank you for entering into the spirit of the thing.

Anonymous said...

The rather fabulous Sir Tom Eagerly (Philistine)says:
I think the first one is you Bazza.
Also the fourth one could be you.
Are they all you old chap?

bazza said...

Sir Tom: Well, you made me laugh Sir Tom but I won't comment on the accuracy of your lunatic answer (there's a clue for you there!)

John said...

Hi Bazza,
I have no idea on any of them I am afraid! The 4th one looks a bit like the way I am feeling at the moment!

bazza said...

John: No cigar for you I'm afraid. And the fourth one isn't you.
It looks like I've succeeded in producing a difficult quiz at last!

klahanie said...

Hi bazza,
Because I would have to keep going back and forth to see the photos. With your comment section like this, it makes it difficult for my rather confused mind.
Anyway, number 5 is most assuredly the legend that is, Sir Tom, all round marvellous gentleman.
And good grief, please prove I'm not a robot. Grrrrrrrrr.........

bazza said...

Gary: The next time you see a comment section where you have to write those obscure letters click on the question mark and then on 'Learn More'. You will see something very interesting.
As for self-portrait number 5 - if that's Sir Tom it's probably what he actually looks like in the morning!

dcrelief said...

Okay, Bazza, I've lost my crib sheet, so I'm working off memory..hahaha. Really pitiful for a former art student, lol.
(1)Pablo Picasso
(2)Frida Kahlo
(3)a Dutch Master?? lol.
(4)El Greco, or Diego Rivera
(6)Frida Kahlo

bazza said...

dc: Hi. I will post all the answers in a couple of days. I did say it was devious but won't comment further just yet!

bazza said...

(1) Pablo Picasso
(2) A young Frida Kahlo
(3) Peter Paul Rubens
(4) Francis Bacon
(5) Bob Dylan. That's the cover design of the album Self Portrait recorded and painted by him.
(6) Here's the devious part; Frida Kahlo again!
So, Dixie/dcrelief is the clear winner with a brilliant attempt (Diego Rivera was a clever {but wrong} guess).

dcrelief said...

Ah, ha, ha! To think I started to name number 3 as Peter Paul Mounds!!
Good one, Bazza :))

bazza said...

I had to check out Peter Paul Mounds; it's not known in the UK.
Your answers were brilliant. I would not have any more myself but I did know the Dylan one!

THE SNEE said...

Wow Bazza! Now that was a hard quiz! I guess I really don't have a photo graphic memory or even a picture perfect one. Great portrait selections!

THE SNEE said...

BTW, I clicked on the 'captcha' question mark. Fascinating. I still need to read the rest of the explanation on the website, but who knew that after all of my cursing about deciphering the words, I was doing a service to the computer world.

bazza said...

Hi Ms Snee: I was really surprised that the Bob Dylan cover was not recognised. Perhaps that's because I'm a fan.
What I have learned is that it's very difficult to pitch a quiz at the right level!
By the way, it's 10:39 am in the UK. It must be very early morning where you are?