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Friday, 4 March 2011

The Sonny Report (6)

Lovely news for our family: Sonny had his second MRI scan today and has been told he is now free of any cancer cells!
He has to have one more course of chemotherapy and in two weeks or so he will be able to come home.
This will probably be the penultimate Sonny Report and I would like to thank everyone in the blogosphere for all of your continuous good wishes, kind words and prayers. Believe me - every one of them was very much appreciated.


Alicia said...

Thanks be to God!

joanne said...

oh oh my yes... what an amazing report to end this week with... i am so happy for all of you, for Sonny most especially, and can't help but wish we could all be together for a big welcome home party for him.

c e l e b r a t e

Kelly said...

Today has to be a day of the greatest news I've heard for many a day. On my front, on your front. It seems like everyone around me is having a great day but I'd have to say, your news is the greatest of all. What better gift can a family member receive than that of a young, loved family member being free from cancer?

Congratulations to all of you.

bazza said...

Alicia, joanne and Kelly: Your responses continue to amaze me with the wonderful way you all express yourselves. Thanks you so much.

joanne fox said...

Wonderful news. He's done so well to keep smiling through his long spell in hospital.

bazza said...

joanne: Yes, his great spirit and strength of character must have helped to carry him through. He is a real smiler.

John said...

This is fantastic news bazza! You and all your family deserve the good news you have had.
Now you all have a fantastic future to look forward too.
With all kindness

bazza said...

John: Thanks for your continued support; it has been very welcome!

kerrie said...

thank you for sharing such great new on your blog; so pleased for you and your family, may it be the beginning of many blessings

bazza said...

Hi Kerrie, thanks for that kind thought. Let's hope it is as you wish!

David said...

Dear bazza,
This is great news and you and your family must be over the moon.
It will obviously be a great relief to have Sonny home again.
I hope you give him a big party on his return, after being such a brave little dude.
Yours with Very Best Wishes,

bazza said...

Hi David. Many thanks for that. Yes, there will some sort of celebration. We are renting a huge villa at Centre Parcs and the whole family will stay with friends coming and going all week.

klahanie said...

Hi bazza,
This is really uplifting news. My joy for Sonny and all your loved ones.
What a positive post. This has made my day :-)
Peace and respect, Gary.

bazza said...

Gary: That's grand! Let joy be unconfined!

THE SNEE said...

Hi Bazza,
I'm just returning from a sun filled holiday and am literally flying in the air over the news that Sonny is cancer free. His smile lights up the room. I'm really happy for you and your family.

THE SNEE said...

Just a thought.....but isn't this "The Sunny Report"!

bazza said...

Snee (1): Thanks for that kind thought. I hope you enjoyed the holiday.
(2)I did actually find that I had posted one report accidentally spelling his name that way. (I did change it afterwards).

Mimi Lenox said...

I am so glad to hear this awesome news.
Continuing to pray for your precious grandson. Excellent!!
Please keep us posted.

bazza said...

Thanks Mimi, it's always good to hear from you. I had some technical difficulties when trying to comment at your site recently. Perhaps it's me; I'll try again.