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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Spotlight on a Website (3):

TED Ideas Worth Spreading is a free website that exists to spread knowledge by posting short talks from experts in all sorts of fields. The videos range from about three minutes to 20 minutes in length and are usually totally absorbing. I try to listen to at least one every day.
It might sound rather dull; if it does that's my fault because the range of topics is far-reaching and the speakers, always in front of a live audience, are at the peak of their field of expertise. Here are some I've watched recently:
  • Malcolm Gladwell: On Spaghetti Sauce. Recorded in 2004, business-based but well worth watching.
  • Seth Godin: Hilarious talk from 2006 called 'This Is Broken' 
  • Tim Birkhead: On the early birdwatchers. Suprisingly attention-grabbing.
  • Julia Sweeney: On letting go of God. Comedienne being deeply thought-provoking.
  • Tan Le: A headset that reads your brainwaves. 'nuff said?
Have a search and find your own favourites and let me know what you find at


joanne said...

hi bazza!

oh yes, i've spent many hours on TED too...

i look forward to checking out your favorites...

two of my bookmarked videos

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor's Stroke of Insight (also a really wonderful book)


Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity

bazza said...

Hello Joanne. I don't think I've viewed those two so thanks for the pointer. Spending some blogging has been good therapy for me!

bazza said...

Hello Joanne again! I just viewed the Jill Bolte Taylor video. Wow! What a rermarkable woman she is. I did shed a tear but then I'm a bit on the edge these days!

Sir Tom Eagerly said...

Excellent young Bazza. I will search for a lecture on the great advantages of a hedonistic lifestyle. Do you think such a thing exists?
Cheers, old bean.

The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

Personally, I’ll be looking for lectures by Sir Tom

Kelly said...

Pretty cool. I picked "Dan Dennett on our consciousness" for a video to watch. Dennett, the philosopher/scientist, had interesting things to say about how we are fooled by our own brains in how we see things. It was a little over 21 minutes long and even though I had to take a piss, I sat through the whole thing, mesmerized. Sure I could have paused it but I told my bladder to go screw itself. lol. Next video I'm going to check out is his discussion or lecture on Dangerous memes.

Anyway, thanks for letting me in on this website. I love to see people encouraging others to challenge their own beliefs or wake up to the possible truth of things. But as I've always said, there's nothing that is 100% absolute and I think if our species is ever to make progress, we need to expand our minds and accept this one fact to be true.

Well, enough rambling-

Take care, dude

bazza said...

Sir Tom: Actually Sir Tom such a lecture might well be on that site - if it ever existed in the first place. Like Mask, I beleive that you should deliver that lecture!

Mask: I think we would need to know what his real name is first!

Kelly: I knew it would be your cup of tea. Seems like you found something interesting.

S Simmonds said...

Hi Bazza,

Yes, TED's a valuable discovery. I have a couple of posts based on their presentations.
The first discussed how people manufacture meaning from coincidences.
The second from the brilliant Hans Rosling, on global health issues. That may sound dry, but a) Rosling has some penetrating insights to deliver, and b) the presentation tools are a real treat - a true antidote to Powerpoint.

bazza said...

Hi Stephen. I have seen some of the Hans Rosling stuff before and I agree with your view. I think a lot of what is on Ted sounds dry but it usually worth watching whatever the topic.
The one I cite with Julia Sweeney is a case in point.
Welcome back!

THE SNEE said...

Hi Bazza,

I wasn't familiar with TED, but can see it is incredibly addictive! Maybe I'll have to limit myself to no more than one a day too. As you know, I'm currently into food science so I went to TED to do a little exploring and ended up in "Malcolm Gladwell on Spaghetti Sauce" that I loved! Now I've queued up, "The Omnivore's Next Dilemma". I know, nail-biting stuff. Thanks for the tip on TED, and hope you, your family and your dear nephew are able to enjoy some of this holiday season. I'm sending all sorts of positive energy your way.

bazza said...

The Snee: Hi there. Isn't it interesting how Malcolm Gladwell on Spaghetti Sauce can be so interesting. I suppose that any subject can be made fascinating by the right speaker!
Thanks for the good wishes. It's my grandson (not nephew!).

THE SNEE said...

Hi Bazza,

That was a big OOPS on my part. I'm sorry for the misspeak, even though I know that it's your grandson who is undergoing treatment.

My warmest regards,


bazza said...

No harm done!