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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sonny Update (1)

Sonny asked me to paint him a picture so here it is. I copied it from a children's book but he loves it and it's in his hospital room. He has been feeling better these last couple of days but the chemotherapy starts in earnest next week and it will inevitably make him very unwell.
Today he met Mickey and Minnie!


klahanie said...

What an adorable picture. I saw that photo of Sonny on the Facebook site for him. What a great hospital that must be.
All the very best, Gary

The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

Yes, the chemotherapy will be hard. You’ve got to be as strong as I know he will be.

Your painting is excellent, by the way, Bazza.

Please do continue to keep us updated.
The enigmatic, masked blogger

David said...

Dear bazza,
Hoping that things go well for Sonny over the next few weeks, and that you and your family do not find things too hard.
To echo the sentiments of Gary, and if its any solace, he does appear to be receiving the best of care. Love the photo of him, Micky and Minnie!
Take Care and Very Best Wishes,

bazza said...

Thank you everyone. It's amazing how your support helps give us all strength. There are now more than 200 members of the Supporting Sonny Through Lymphoma Facebook group.
The Hospital is incredible. We could not want for better and whenever I go there either a psychologist, a special oncology nurse, a 'play therapist' or some other expert is in Sonny's room.
The UK's National Health Service is hard to beat at times like this

John Saunders said...

Thankyou for keeping us all updated on your little Grandsons` progress. It will be tough, but I know there will be light at the end of it.

Your painting is extremely good!


joanne said...

your artwork is beautiful... so much hope and love in every bit of it, something Sonny can keep over his whole lifetime, something to hold on to of his grandpa's love.

It does sound like a wonderful hospital, one that understands that the needs of a person aren't solely about the treatment of their body...

courage... it doesn't always look the way we think it does... sometimes it's as simple as just breathing through this very second and giving ourselves and those we love the compassion and room to know it took all we had to do just that much...


bazza said...

John: Bloggers such as yourself have been a tremendous source of support for me and all the family. Thank you for your comment.

Joanne: Your words are always so wise and, on this occasion, very kind. You have a deep insight. Thank you.

Kelly said...

I'm glad he got that visit from Mickey and Minnie, bazza. You can tell from the picture it made him happy. I truly hope the chemo isn't too hard on him and his family. I'm going to join that Facebook support group right after commenting here. And thanks for keeping us updated on his health and general well being status.

Take care, bazza.

bazza said...

Hi Kelly, the Facebook group now has well over 220 menbers and is still growing. Thanks for your care and concern.
Mickey and Minnie did him (and us!) a lot of good.

THE SNEE said...

Hi Bazza,

The painting is brilliant. I feel very hopeful when I look at it. There's something about furry animals looking out a window that creates a dreamlike quality. I'm glad that Sonny has his family, and what sounds like an amazing medical staff to support him during this time. We don't know each other very well, but I'm sending all my best heartfelt thoughts your direction. Be well B azza.

bazza said...

Rebecca, your kind words are clearly heartfelt and that's very comforting.
Maybe I should feature myself in a future 'Painting of the Month'!