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Friday, 9 May 2014

Painting of the Month (45) May 2014: Camille Pissaro

Autumn, Camille Pissaro, 1875
I enjoy the colour, the composition and the subject matter of this picture. 
Sometimes I think it's possible to over-analyse paintings so I will let this little gem speak for itself and say no more. Enjoy!


klahanie said...

Hi human, bazza,

Such pastoral elegance. A gem indeed, a bit blurry, but very nice. Maybe it's supposed to be out of focus. Cameras back then, eh.

A pawsitive weekend to you, my human friend.

Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

bazza said...

Hi Gary. I think the photo might be a bit blurry. I hope you're not taking the Pissaro!

All Consuming said...

Lovely colours. It has a rich warmth to it. Thank you for another piece of art bazza :)

bazza said...

Hi AC. My pleasure - literally!

John said...

Hi Bazza,
Lovely painting! Is it just me, or is there something 'Monet-ish' about it? Probably my untrained eye!

bazza said...

That's a very interesting observation John. Pissarro was an inspiration to the early impressionists, as was Monet, and they both had big, bushy beards!
They were both impressionists and much better than Rory Bremner....

Sherry Ellis said...

That is gorgeous! I love the way the light shines on the water.

bazza said...

It could be one of your lovely gardens Sherry!
See Sherry's Blog:

Lady Lilith said...

i like the simplicity of the earthy tones with the complexity of the details. Nice job.

bazza said...

Hi Lady Lilith. Thanks for dropping by and for your comment.
If you type 'Lilith' in the search box, top-left of my Blog, you will see an interesting past 'Panting of the Month'!

loverofwords said...

I agree, I think art is what you like and what it means to you. Colorado looks nothing like that of course, it's not gentle country here, so I like to look at lush colors, well painted.

bazza said...

You probably have spectacular mountain scenery that we do really don't have in the UK though!
The lush colours are what I really enjoy about this picture.