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Saturday, 26 April 2014

The 200th 'To Discover Ice' Post

My original idea for my 200th post was to link to my ten favourite posts, but I have changed my mind and decide to do this instead:
Regular readers of this Blog will be aware that I don't write much personal stuff. The only reason this is so is because I don't really think anyone would be interested but I really enjoy reading other people's writing about themselves in many cases. However, when my grandson had cancer at the age of five in 2010. I found it helpful to talk about and was really buoyed by the tremendous support from my Blogging friends.
My daughter Laura with Sonny in 2011
Sonny, now 9 and fully recovered (with his sister Lois, 6)
This is a good opportunity to thank all of those who provided support and prayers through that difficult six months:
  • All the remarkable staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital, the world's leading children's hospital in London.
  • The staff and classmates at Sonny's School, Ilford Jewish Primary School, who took Lois, then aged 3 under their wing.
  • All of our family and friends who gave love, support and cooked food at that time.
  • The amazing 368 people across the world who joined the 'Supporting Sonny' Facebook page.
  • All the Bloggers who joined the group and gave valuable support via this Blog.
  • The generous charities who gave, and still give, unquestioning support.
  • ....and Sonny himself who is a kind, very bright, loving and caring boy who is wise beyond his years.
Witness this recent conversation-
Auntie Linzi: "It's no good kids, you will never guess the password for my phone!"
Sonny: " Lois, Auntie Linzi was born in 1977. Try 1977."
Auntie Linzi: "Damn!."
I will return to my former idea of linking to some of my favourite past Postings at a later time. Thank you for being there!


All Consuming said...

What a wonderful post. It's actually really lovely to find out a little about the world behind the man. What fab grandchildren, I'm so glad he recovered, the strain must have been almost unbearable. It's so true that the is much support to be had from online friends, as much as offline in some cases, as it can be easier to open up, and accept help when it isn't face to face. Not forgetting......CONGRATULATIONS!! For both your wee grand child's recovery, and your 200th post. *raises a glass and smiles :D

bazza said...

Thanks for those lovely words AC. I know that 200 posts is only a week's output for you!

loverofwords said...

So glad your grandson recovered. So hard to see our children and grandchildren suffer. And thank you for your comments on my blog. The X letter will have some talking points in it about artists and how much of a pass do we give the genius's among us. The "Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax" chit chat idea.

bazza said...

Hello Natalia. Thank you for making that point. We had to watch our daughter and son-in-law as well as our grandson go through a lot. Now we try to make life as normal as possible and only look to the future. I will check out your 'X' post soon!

David said...

Hi bazza,
Great to see that Sonny has recovered. It must have been hard in the extreme for all of you, and I recall your previous posts in which Sonny wasn't quite so well, so it's wonderful to see a picture of him fighting fit again.
And, congratulations on your 200th blog! I bet it must be drinks all round at chez bazza!
Very Best Wishes,

bazza said...

Hi David. It's good to hear from you. You were certainly very supportive when Sonny was ill and, of course, you are included in the thanks given here.
Drinks all round? That sounds like a good idea. Maybe some whiskey in my porridge this morning?

Sherry Ellis said...

That had to be a tough thing to go through! I'm so glad your grandson is better!

bazza said...

Hello Sherry. Thank you, we have always had a positive outlook which has helped very much.

Wendy said...

What a lovely post. I am so sorry to learn that your grandson, Sonny, had cancer. Delighted, however, to discover that he has fully recovered. So many do not.

Oh, great photo of your daughter and Sonny. What a little cutie :)

bazza said...

Hi Wendy. Thanks for that; Sonny is a very cute kid and, as bright as he is, Lois can outsmart him (and any other male person she meets!)

klahanie said...

Hi Barry,

This thoughtful, heartfelt posting, touched the chords of compassion. A story, of love, of dedication, of the amazing resilience of Sonny. A story of hope and belief.

I vividly remember the "Supporting Sonny" Facebook page. I know, like everybody who joined that page, demonstrated the ethos of truly caring for a fellow human through such trying times.

A loving tribute, good sir. Penny and I are honoured to be your friend.

Congrats on post number 200. A notable, poignant milestone.

In kindness and respect,

Gary and Penny.

bazza said...

One Man and His Dog! Thanks for those kind words Gary. You were a constant supporter in those difficult times and I thank you for it.

Trees Planet said...

Really you babies so cute. Best wishes for them.

bazza said...

Trees Planet: Hi, thanks for visiting. I think you are my first visitor from Bangladesh. Welcome.