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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Painting of the Month (35) December 2012: Alex Snellgrove

Persian Girl by Alex Snellgrove
On my recent visit to Australia I was lucky enough to meet up with esoteric fellow-Blogger Stephen Simmonds (click here to visit his Blog). He and his wife Rosalie took Leah and I to a gallery in Clovelly, a suburb of Sydney near Bondi Beach, where their friend, local artist Alex Snellgrove, was showing her latest work.
As you can see she has a wonderful way of painting water. The series of paintings, of which the above is one, displays her great ability to convey the luminosity and movement of water. The effect of light and the translucence it gives the water is delightful. We met the charming artist and bought some cards with prints of her work; I would have liked to have purchased a painting too but they were (justifiably) out of my price range!
Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia by Alex Snellgrove

You can see more of Alex's work here
Her Website is:


Alicia said...


Thank you for sharing such a talent with us. Wow.

bazza said...

Hi Alicia. This is first of my Painting of the Month series where I have actually met the artist! (That's if you exclude the time I stupidly included one of my one paintings!)
Thanks for visiting.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I love those paintings. Thank you for introducing us to her.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

bazza said...

SO,AC: Hello Arleen. These paintings are lovely aren't they?
Australia was a wonderful holiday!

THE SNEE said...

Hi Bazza,
Welcome back from Down Under! The water is amazing!! I would love to develop such skill. Do you think practice would work? I also love the colors.

Thanks for highlighting this artist.

bazza said...

Hi Rebecca. I think practice would only take you so far; one would need to be naturally gifted (and highly trained) to get this good!

klahanie said...

Greetings bazza,

That is incredible artwork. I'm most impressed with such an original style.

And welcome back from Australia. Gidday to you.


Kelly said...

I love how her painting are created with such vivid colors. There seems to be a lot of activity in painting and her style really makes them come alive.

Welcome back, Bazza! Sounds like you had an amazing time. I read the blogs you linked to and you guys seemed to really enjoy your visit and share your interests in works of art.

Take care

Anonymous said...

AWWWW thank you so much for sweet words on my blog:) and this post is fab.

If you want to see some cool fireplaces ...check out my new post:)

have a great week dear

LOVE Maria at

John said...

Hi Bazza,
Welcome back from the Antipodes!
Lovely paintings with which to announce your return!
I think it might be quite difficult to meet some of the artists that you have featured! ;)

bazza said...

Gary: G'day to you too. I was lucky to see these paintings 'in the flesh' as it were. They were really good to see and seemed to be full of movement. I'm glad you approve!

bazza said...

Kezza: It was good to meet up with Stephen. I'd come to meet you if I were going that way!
I had a great time in Australia but now I'm happy to be home in sunny but very cold London.

bazza said...

Maria: I will come to check out those fireplaces. I am sure your good taste will be on view!

bazza said...

John. Thanks for that welcome.
Yes, I wonder which of the artists I featured I would like to have met. I think that, until now, most of them are dead (but not all!)

David said...

Hi bazza,
Glad that you had such a good time in Oz, and even managed to meet a talented artist! The paintings are great, and you and Mrs. bazza must have been well impressed.
Very Best Wishes,

bazza said...

Hello David. I still enjoying at these pictures but they do, of course, bring back charming memories for Mrs Bazza and I!
Hope you have a good weekend.

Lost in Space said...

Wow. She has really caught the water well. I like them.

bazza said...

Lost in Space: I am really pleased that you and so many others have enjoyed these lovely paintings. Thanks for visiting.

S Simmonds said...

Hi Bazza and all,

I'm glad you all like her paintings. We have one of hers, and while I do like it, I have to say I'm really impressed by her latest exhibition, particularly what she does with water. Via my wife, I'll forward her a link to this post, I'm sure she'll appreciate the comments.

You can see a little more on my blog From the notebook of., which also has something from a great undervalued Australian artist from last century, Clarice Beckett.


bazza said...

Hi Stephen. Alex did email me to acknowledge this post. Her worked certainly appears to have been well received here!
Hopefully, I will feature Clarice Beckett in a future Painting of the Month.

Dixie@dcrelief said...

Welcome back, Bazza.

These paintings are captivating. I can feel the water, feel the sun on the forehead... the swirling softness of the swells...the sunlight dancing all around... wow. Children laughing, screaming, running back and forth in the low tide's foam... just wow! I'm so ENvious!!

bazza said...

Dixie: Come on in, the water's lovely!

All Consuming said...

Felicitations and best wishes to you and Leah chuck, have a lovely Christmas and raise a glass to the New Year! :D x

David said...

Hi bazza (and Mrs. bazza and family),
Just thought I'd pop by to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Very Best Wishes,

bazza said...

AC & David:
Same to the both of you my friends!

All Consuming said...

Happy New Year bazza :D May it be full of happiness and joy.

bazza said...

AC: Thank you very much. I wish the same for you and yours in 2013!