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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Off to Australia!

I'm going to Australia so my next post will be in at least one month's time. Although I might post some remote comments from the Antipodes!


joanne fox said...

How exciting! Have a wonderful time.

Alicia said...

Wonderful! That's been on my short list for so long!

Kelly said...

Have fun, man! I've always wanted to go to Australia so you'll have to forgive me if I'm completely green with envy. If I were any greener you couldn't find me in a forest.

When you get there, ask to go kangaroo riding. I heard it's a wacky good time, Bazza!

Seriously, though... Take care and don't forget your fans in the blogosphere!

Kezza says, "Aloha" because he fantasizes he's still back in Hawaii. Lol.

bazza said...

Joanne, Alicia and Kezza: Thanks you all so much for your good wishes. Tomorrow evening we fly to Sydney then we are going to Cairns for the Great Barrier Reef and Rain Forest and then on to Melbourne to stay with friends.
G'day Kezza!

Lost in Space said...

I hope you enjoy your holiday. Looking forward to the photos when you get back (and I love the ones you posted here).

All Consuming said...

Woooo hoooo! Get you, off to OZ! Give the wizard my regards and have a wonderful time :D x

Dixie@dcrelief said...

Pea green with envy! G'day mate :)

David said...

Hi bazza,
I hope you have a great time Down Under, so to speak. I've heard that the flight takes a very long time, so I hope you've arrived safe and sound. Send my best wishes to Kylie and Jason, and all the little kangaroos!
Very Best Regards,

THE SNEE said...

ribied 13
Imagine my surprise to find you down under! Hope you are having an amazing visit. I have always wanted to go there, and can't wait til that day arrives. HAVE FUN!

THE SNEE said...

if you are wondering what ribied 13 is....that would be me proving that I'm not a robot.

bazza said...

Lost in Space: Hello, I didn't see your comment until I got back yesterday. Thanks for the good wishes. We have about a thousand photos to sort through now !

AC: I sent your regards to the Wizard but I'm no friend of Dorothy if you know what I mean ;-)

Dixie: People really do say G'day in Australia! They are very laid back.

David: About 20 hours flying time plus a two-hour stop-off in Singapore! I think Jason and Kylie spend most of their time in England these days....

The Snee: I never believed for one moment those rumours that you were a robot. Mrs Bazza and I had loads of fun, thank you.