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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

London Monopoly (4): The Angel, Islington
My journey around the London Monopoly board has now arrived at The Angel, Islington. The Angel is a public house (pub) in the London Borough of Islington. It was founded as an inn in 1665 - the year of the great plague of London. Having been rebuilt several times it is a famous London landmark and the current building , which dates from 1889 has a domed tower on the roof.
The inn was mentioned in Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist and one of William Hogarth's famous London drawings was set in the courtyard.
It was originally built by a toll-gate on the Great North Road - the first one outside the City of London.
The Angel n the nineteenth century


Botanist said...

I didn't realise the Angel Islington was a pub. I like it.

BTW, did you ever see or read Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere? He plays on all the familiar London names. For example, the Angel Islington is a (rather evil) angel.

bazza said...

Hi Botanist: Many London landmarks turn out to have originally been inns, pubs, prisons or public gallows.
I never heard of Neverwhere before but, just having read a synopsis on Wikipedia, it sounds right up my street (so to speak)!

John said...

Hi bazza,
Another interesting and informative posting about one of our most familiar board games. Can`t wait to hear about other places on the board, how about Pentonville!? ;)

bazza said...

Hi John. If my memory serves me right Pentonville Road is after Euston Road which is next.

David said...

Dear bazza,
Didn't Tony Blair used to live in, and represent Islington? But perhaps we should gloss over that unfortunate fact (it can't be good for the place's reputation!) and concentrate instead on the wonderful Angel pub.
Thanks, bazza.
Wishing you All the Best at Christmas,

dcrelief said...

Handsome building... as buildings go. :)

bazza said...

David: I think Tony Blair was MP for Sedgefield which is 'oop north' somewhere! However, he did live in Islington for a long time. There is a restaurant in Upper Street , Islington where New Labour is said to heave been born. When I went to that restaurant Alexie Sayle was there so it's obviously a favourite of two shades of leftyness. Thanks for the early Christmas greeting; I'm sure we'll be in contact again before the event!.

bazza said...

dcrelief: Hi Dixie. Not an architectural fan then? Actually the history of the Angel is more interesting than it's appearance.

Rob said...

Aha! "The Angel of the South".

There was an Angel Inn in Oxford too. It seems a strange name for an inn.

I considered moving to Islington a few years ago. I don't remember seeeing the Angel Inn on any of my trips me to be so unobservant!

bazza said...

Hi Rob: If I wasn't doing a Monopoly board tour I doubt if the Angel, Islington would be mentioned in my blog at all! It's pretty unremarkable. However, the history of almost anywhere can be interesting! I don't think it's the Angel of the South any more than the Oxford one is the Angel of the West (probably).

Kelly said...

Whyyyy.... looky here! It's kezza, once again bringing happiness and brotherhood to all his blog buddies. So far, I've blessed ye, bazza, with three tantalizing comments on your last three posts, including this one. Read them all and feel the sincere holiday warmth that only I can provide in the comment section of any blog.

Now, to be serious. I'm enjoying your tour, your London Monopoly Board series of posts. The Angel has an interesting history behind it. The domed tower impresses me. That's what I like about your country's old establishments and landmarks. The architecture seems to convey or demand respect, yet it is also inviting. Stainless steel skyscrapers reaching into the heavens convey cold or unfeeling nuances, most of the time, to ol' kezza here.

Take care, friend.

bazza said...

Kezza, I can feel the warmth of your sincerity from here!
Although there are many very old and interesting buildings in the UK (the oldest one near here, The Ilford Hospital Chapel, was founded in 1145). We have our share of modern skyscrapers too. The trick is getting ultra-modern and very old buildings to look well together.
It's good to hear from you again.

klahanie said...

Bazza old chap,
I've been right by that pub. My brother used to live in Islington and you have reminded that it's time I contacted my brother who is now residing in Toronto.
Right then, I'm off to the World's End pub in Chelsea.
Cheerio and bottoms up....

bazza said...

Gary: You're in London? How did you get past the sentries?
Hope you enjoyed your drink at World's End. Sounds like The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe!

Anonymous said...

It isn't a pub, is's used as a bank. On the corner of Pentonville Road.