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Monday, 20 June 2011

Painting of the month (18) June 2011: Raoul Dufy

The Casino at Nice by Dufy 1877 - 1953
The paintings of the French artist Raoul Dufy (pronounced: doofee) may not be the most technically proficient but I find them hugely enjoyable to look at. This one is typical in style; it has been heavily 'drawn' and painted in large blocks of single colour. This makes the paintings often look like poster art as used in advertisements but I can say that these are pictures that one can live with and never tire at looking at them.
Dufy was born in 1877 and was influenced by the impressionists and, later, the Fauves (Matisse and Derain)who were strong colourists. His ever-present optimism lives on in his work.

 How gorgeous is the colour in this picture?


Cheryl Snell said...

Lovely stuff!

bazza said...

Hi Cheryl. Thanks for looking in. I'm glad you like it.

klahanie said...

Hello bazza,
I say, old chap, Mr. 'Doofee' has a rather appealing charm to his paintings.
Thank you for sharing and bringing a bit of your insight in regards to that gentleman.
Me thinks I have just about got back to this time zone. Bloody jet lag, eh :)

David said...

Dear bazza,
Had not heard of "Doo-fee" before, but I think I like what I see.
Thanks for bringing him to my attention, bazza.
With Very Best Wishes,

bazza said...

klahanie: Welcome back to the real world! I know it can take over a week to fully reaclimitise. I'm pleased you liked the paintings.

David: Don't forget the accent is on the second syllable. It doesn't rhyme with 'Goofy', not in English anyway! It seems most people like his work. I wonder what Kelly will think.

John said...

Hi Bazza,
Haven`t heard of this artist before, although I am sure that I have seen one of his paintings somewhere!
As interesting as ever!

Dixie@dcrelief said...

Hi Bazza! I like the work of Dufy as it translates to textiles and fabrics. I suppose this might be thought of as 'poster' quality too. I'd love a t-shirt with a print of that "The Casino at Nice."
Nice choice for 'photo of the month'!

THE SNEE said...

Hi Bazza,

Dufy is new to me and I really like his paintings. Where could I see his work in person? He reminds me a bit of Toulouse Lautrec mixed with the gorgeous colors of Gaugin and his own personal style within. Whimsical, colorful and fun to look at. Thanks for the visual feast Bazza. I hope you enjoy the week.

joanne said...

i like this style very much too and am so glad to be introduced to Dufy... i for one am very happy that there is room for all sorts of styles and expressions when it comes to art. it makes the world a more varied and beautiful place to live... :)

bazza said...

John: Yes you almost definitely would have seen his work. He is very highly regarded - and rightly so!

dcrelief: He did become a full-time textile designer for a while. I assume that's a genre that you're intersested in.

Snee: Many major galleries have work by him but it's more likely to be in a Museum of Modern Art. Are you near New York City? That would probably help! Otherwise how about a trip to Paris?

Joanne: Yes, well said Joanne. His work still seems very 'new' even now. I hope you enjoyed what you saw here.

Bob said...

I enjoyed the paintings...I found them full of character and loved the joie de vivre.

bazza said...

Hi Bob/Rob. It's always a pleasure to hear from you. I think ' joie de vivre' is the perfect term. Well said sir!

Anonymous said...

Sir Tom Eagerly, says:
Well Bazza, old sport, if you have to go on like this that's OK I suppose but I still say you can't beat Rolf Harris.
Ah the feuhrer was a wonderful painter - he could paint a whole house in half a day!
Sir Tom leaves the stage hanging his head in shame.

bazza said...

Sir Tom: You a very naughty boy!

Unknown said...

Lovely paintings, thank you! We are also big fans of Raoul Dufy, but just recently came across his brother Jean's work, have you seen it? Was he wrongly ignored for painting in a similar style?
More here about their tricky relationship and some pics.

bazza said...

It's actually difficult (for me) to tell their work apart! But it's all wonderful stuff. Thank's for commenting.
I just saw your wonderful post on the brothers. Excellent in depth view.