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Saturday, 16 October 2010

How to Get Rich Quickly
Part One: In this part we will be explaining how you can get rich very quickly. Professor Wisemouth will be here to give you all the details that we know you are anxiously waiting for. In Part Two we will have a look back at Part One and examine how things will develop in the second part with a preview of Part Three when the real secrets will be revealed. So, let’s have a quick look back at part one; we have shown how the programme will be laid out and previewed the rest of the show. Please join us after this message from our sponsors.

Part Two: Welcome to Part Two. In Part One we introduced you to the show’s format and told you about Part Two. In Part Three the real secrets will be revealed. Let’s have a quick preview of that now. Part Three will look back at the programme so far and Professor Wisemouth will be here to tell all. Please join us after the break for the final part.

Part Three: Welcome back. In Part One we told you about Professor Wisemouth and introduced the layout of parts two and three. In Part Two we recapped on what we have learned so far and looked forward to part three. Well that’s all we have time for this week but please join us next week when Professor Wisemouth will be revealing the little known secrets of getting rich quickly. Here’s a sneak preview....
Don't you just hate the way they make documentary programmes these days?


Sir Tom Eagerly said...

Bazza, I am so deeply disppointed. You are such a teaser!
Howevr, I have to agree with the point that you make so well. I will leave getting rich (again) until later.
Cheers, old boy!

joanne fox said...

Oh Bazza - and there was I thinking you were going to tell me how I could give up the day job. It seems the NHS will have to put up with me a while longer.

The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

I had to give a presentation some time ago, and the advice I was given, was: tell them what you’re going to tell them. Tell them. Tell them what you’ve just told them.

Although, clearly, it’s more fun not to tell them anything at all.
The enigmatic, masked blogger

bazza said...

Sir Tom: Do you mean getting even more rich or getting rich again having lost it all?

joanne fox: I am sure we are all better off while you are at the NHS!

Ms Mask: Maybe the person who gave you that advice makes documentary programmes for television? I run small seminars once a month and my credo is "leave 'em wanting more"!
But at least there is some content.

Rob said...


bazza said...

Rob: I suppose you're disappointed too? Funny, I see you as a spirtual rather than materialistic person!
Always good to hear from you though - even if only one word.

klahanie said...

Hi bazza,
I would have ventured over sooner but unfortunately fell asleep whilst re-reading my last posting on my critically acclaimed and ever so humble, blog.
Would this be a documentary programme that would make Monty Python look like serious drama?

bazza said...

Hiya Gary: I was (unsuccessfully) trying to make a serious point about how these programmes fill time by showing what we saw again before each ad break and previewing something two or three times before you actually see it.
OK, it's not the best post I ever wrote. Sorry you fell asleep - touché.

Kelly said...

This document program you have generously laid out for us sounds incredibly intriguing and stuff. I'm anxiously awaiting the mind blowing sneak preview you teased me with.

But seriously, who says 'but seriously' anymore? Any, I get your point about those kind of shows. They're frustrating and a bit boring for me, simultaneously. Sometimes you'll find some decent ones on the Discovery Channel.

Now where was I going?

THE SNEE said...

Bazza! You're sooo funny! This really made me laugh since I love watching the Discovery Channel, National Geographic and my favorite...yes,(dare I admit it) the Weather Channel. No wonder, I'm no smarter and am always waiting to "find out what is going to happen"....Maybe rather than TV documentaries, I can get back to writing breaking news stories on The Snee....after the commercial break of course. Should I start with a year in review?

Thanks for the laugh. I thought this was a fun post.

joanne fox said...

Hi again.

Possibly you are not into things like blog awards and cupcakes. However, I've had to nominate 6 people for a 'Sweet Friends' blog award. (No don't stick your fingers down your throat like that,Bazza, it's just not nice!) I have put you on my list for the variety of your blog, and if you feel inclined you can pick up the award at mine. You can pass it on to others whose blogs you like, but don't feel obliged as I admit that it is all rather time consuming!

bazza said...

Kelly: Nice comment, made me smile.
I am into The Discovery channel. Who'da thought we would spend hours watching 'How It's made'?

Snee: (In a Joe Pesci voice) You find me funny? I amuse you?
Ha ha, thanks for visiting, always a pleasure.

bazza said...

Joanne: That's so kind of you. The thing about these awards we all give ourselves and our freinds is that they introduce you to new bloggers; the whole thing can be a bit incestuous but I approve and thank you. I will respond!

joanne fox said...

Yes I agree that these thiings can end up going round in circles rather. That's why, if I am awarded something, I try to expand the horizons a little!