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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Untitled poem by Paul Smith

I enjoy the tanka and haiku poetry of Paul Smith at Paper Moon. This form of verse is deceptive; it looks easy to write but is, in fact, very difficult. There is great skill in capturing a moment with a limited number of words:
as if it was
the only flower
that ever bloomed
she stoops to touch
a daisy

If you enjoy this there is a lot more at Paper Moon. You might also enjoy the photographs and words of Joanne Rose.


Paul Smith said...

Thanks for this bazza, it works so well with the photograph. I'm so happy that my words reach out and in some small way colour the world.

joanne said...

what a wonderful gift to click through and discover Paul's poetry. I'm so happy I did.

(and thank you so much for the link too... how incredibly kind)

bazza said...

Paul: If you vist Joanne's site you will see an excellent pairing of photos and words. I'm pleased to be able to help spread the word!(See her comment, next)

Joanne: You site has become even better in it's new format.
It was my pleasure to post the link.

klahanie said...

Greetings bazza,
I have only recently discovered the joys of tanka and haiku poetry.
Paul Smith, whose site I just checked, is indeed a master of these simple yet elaborate forms of poetry.
I also consider Joanne Rose's site a visual and verbal delight.
Well done to the both of them and thank you for bringing these good folks to my attention. I shall link into their sites as a source of personal inspiration.
Respect, your way, Gary.

rob said...

I have to agree....the haiku is striking.

Joanne Fox said...

Lovely poem - those short forms are very challenging. Thanks for the links, I shall investigate further!

bazza said...

Rob: It's the kind of thing you can read over and again and each time there is a frisson of pleasure.

Joanne: Yes, I thought it might appeal to you. One is glad to spread the word!

Sir Tom Eagerly said...

Careful Bazza; using words like 'frisson' we might begin to think you're going all intelectual on us.
I knew some poems once old boy, you know. In the navy it was - couldn't repeat any of them here though.
Tally Ho!

Kelly said...

Simple and memorable. I'll check out more of Paul's work.

bazza said...

Sir Tom: Sorry Sir Tom, I lost sight of my audience there for a moment!

Kelly: I believe we guys must be getting in touch with our feminine sides sometimes!

lifeshighway said...

I came over and received a gift of words and beauty. After work, I will check out Paul Smith's work at Paper Moon and view the photographs of Joanne Rose.

If this beautiful pairing is an example then I am in for a big treat.

bazza said...

lifeshighway, welcome. Joanne shows her own photos and her own words!
I have matched this picture with Pauls words. Thanks for looking in, please come back soon!

Seemu said...

Loved that! Thank you...