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Friday, 9 April 2010

Quiz Question (5): Literary Inn-keepers

No more Mr Nice Guy; last time the questions were too easy, (or you were too clever!)
Can you name where these two famous fictional inn-keepers can be found and say who created them?

  1. Harry Bailey
  2. Maurice Allington
      The usual rules apply:
  • No prizes, just the kudos
  • Two complete correct answers required
  • No Googling
  • This time the pictures won't help!
Answers are now posted in the comments!


Bob said...

I have no idea!

Tom Eagerly said...

I have no idea either! But I feel like drinking a pint of beer now!
Those pubs look good. Where are they Bazza, my new friend?

Alicia said...

Too funny ... I was going to be different this week and tell you that I have no idea! I guess I'm not very original!

(The only Harry Bailey I know is from the classic American film It's a Wonderful Life, but he wasn't an innkeeper.)

bazza said...

Bob: I have at least acheived my aim of making this question harder than the previous ones!

Tom: I'm your friend? Oh, help!

Alicia: Yes, you are right about a character in Wonderful Life and, right again, he wasn't an inn-keeper. I'm sure someone will get it. Harry Bailey is the more well known of the two.

Answers in a few days if nobody gets it!

klahanie said...

Hi Bob,
I shall have to concede that I have absolutely no idea.
Although, I have had some experiences in pubs and some rather strange looks:-)
So pleased to note that 'Tom' is your new friend. I reckon life can't get much better than that....

bazza said...

Gary: All of my previous questions were answered very quickly so I deliberately made this one harder.
Look back in a few days for the answers one way or another.
Your final sentence is very droll but Tom does provide a laugh. No chance of us bloggers becoming self-satisfied with him around!

Alicia said...

Love the new look!

bazza said...

Alicia: thanks for the advice!

Mr. Stupid said...

I wanted to add in a "No Idea" comment. So, I have no idea... LOL
I found you at Gary's Blog. You have a wonderful blog here and I just followed it!

Have a nice day!:)

bazza said...

Mr Stupid: Hi, thanks for visiting. My evil scheme is working out; I might wait a bit longer before revealing answers or I might publish a clue.
Of course anyone can find the answers (I suppose) by Googling!
I will revisit you soon.

bazza said...

OK, I've won at last!

Q1) Harry Bailey is the Innkeeper in Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. He is an important character because the whole narrative revolves around his idea that the pilgrims should tell stories to each other on the way to Canterbury.

Q2) Maurice Allington was created by Kingsley Amis as the main protagonist of his novel (and later BBC Drama series) The Green Man.

I promise to make the next questions easier!

Tom Eagerly said...

I knew it all the time of course but I thought it impolite to show off!
I used to drink with a Harry Bailey down at the Kings Head pub. I wonder if it's the same guy?

klahanie said...

Whoops 'bazza'
So sorry for calling you 'Bob'. I must have been looking at the first comment and I guess it stuck in my mind. Doh and double doh:-)

bazza said...

Gary: Don't worry Jim, I'll get over it!