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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

How kind of Gary of  'klahanie' to include this blog in a list of his personal award winners.
Now it's my turn to recommend some of my favourite blogs. I don't always leave comments and even if I do some of them have never been here!

  • Here are my Award-Winners, in no particular order, except that at number one it has to be: The Queen of Bloggingham Palace at Mimi Writes.... and Dating Profile of the Day and she has other blog's too! She is clearly obsessed dedicated to her art!

  • I always enjoys the sketches of animator MattJones.

  • And also the multiple contributors to Urban Sketchers.

  • In a similar 'arty 'vein there is Jesse Mangerson.

  • For some serious mind-extending, infrequently posted reading try the outrageously under-visited An Evolution of Knowledge by Stephen in Australia.

  • I should also mention the interesting writing of David at A Day in the Life although he already has this award!

  • Alicia at Forever Changed was one of the first posters on my original blog and, thankfully, still writes an interesting and varied blog diarising her journey since a traumatic life-changing experience.

  • Another Alicia in Vancouver displays some of her beautiful artwork at The Terra Studios

  • New kid on the block  Tom Eagerly, who currently only posts witty comments and seems to be shadowing me, should get his own blog!

  • And finally a very special recommendation for my long-time blogging compadre Bob at Tolkien's Tree located in Oxford, UK. He is thought-provoking, funny, serious, observant, mercifully brief, insightful and it's always a pleasant surprise to read each new post. Please visit his (and all the other!) blogs listed here
Now I invite all of the recipients to pass the award on to their own favourite blogs! Once again don't forget to vist Gary at 'klahanie'.
I should say that there are many other blogs that I regularly visit and enjoy and I apologise to anyone who should have been here but got omitted somehow.


klahanie said...

Hello bazza,
You are most worthy recipient of the highly sought after 'Beautiful Blogger' award.
Thanks kindly for this acknowledgement. It is most appreciated. With the exception of one I already know; I shall check out the blogs you have forwarded this award too.
Who knows, our new friend might just release upon the wonderful world of blogging; his own blog. We eagerly await that...
Much respect, you way, Gary.

bazza said...

Thanks again Gary!

S Simmonds said...

Hi Bazza,

Thanks for the plaudits!

I haven't run out things to say - just the time in which to say them.
Maybe I'll try quick comments instead of essays. So many meaningful ideas strike me every day; it's hard to do justice to them all. But with your encouragement, I'll try to get something out more regularly.


Tom Eagerly said...

Well slap me silly and call me Malcolm! You've won a prize Bazza!
And now I got an honourable mention!
I am deeply humbled and more than a little bit moved by this. (Dabs eyes with handkerchief).
Perhaps I will start my own blog now! Thank you.

bazza said...

Stephen: My pleasure Stephen. Don't feel under pressure to change your style! Quality is more important than quantity.

Tom: You slay me! Too funny!

David said...

Dear Bazza,
Thanks so much for the mention in your blog. Glad that you find what I have to say "interesting", at least!
Thanks once again,
With Very Best Wishes,

bazza said...

David: You now call yourself a double award-winner!

Mimi Lenox said...

Bazza Bazza flatter me. I am honored to be mentioned among these great bloggers! And some new reads for me on the list. Thank you!

What a lovely gesture.

P.S. About Tom: Please me know when he gets his own blog. It sounds like he needs a date. I have just the site for him....

Tom Eagerly said...

What are talking 'bout, Miss Mimi?
I have been feeling mighty lonely...
Bazza is a kind chap to mention me in this here blog.

bazza said...

Mimi: I don't think the person who wrote the first Tom Eagerly post is the same person who wrote the second one!

Tom Eagerley said...

Spot on Bazza! That second Tom Eagerly comment is not mine.
I trust that it will be clearly apparent (pardon the tautology) that I write in a much more sophisticated manner than that.
Heaven forfend etc!

Alicia M B Ballard StudioGaleria said...

Thank you very much for the recognition...
Will shamelessly flog us both on the wide net - lol

Niiiiiice of you.

bazza said...

Alicia MBB: I recommend that visitors here should take a look at to see (and maybe buy!) some lovely works of art!

Bob said...

Hi Bazza,

Many thanks for listing my blog.

I visited all the blogs on the list and enjoyed them.

When I clicked on An evolution in knowledge I was surprised to be taken to my dashboard! You must have put the wrong code in.

Alicia said...

Thank you kindly, Bazza.

I have not yet passed along the award, because I'm can't decide upon whom to bestow it.

If it hadn't come from you it would surely go to you.

Alicia M B Ballard StudioGaleria said...

Bazza, Thank You!

I like your suggestion.
Love to sell a work or two.
(I know I have jewelry on the islands...) but a painting or two would be nice.
"Free Shipping"!!!

(shamlessly flogging - lol)

I did toot my horn with link to your blog at my fb page:

I hope some old blogger friends find their way over to your side of the Atlantic...

Thanks, again!
(This was a great idea to stir us up ☺)

bazza said...

Bob: Thanks for letting me know. I'll fix it asap. Stephen should get more visitors in my opinion!

Alicia: Thank you kindly; you may award it to several blogs of course but I suppose the lesser number has the higher impact.

Alicia MBB: Go on girl, you be shameless!

Jesse Mangerson said...

Hi Bazza,

Thanks for the tip of the hat! I am honored to make the list.


bazza said...

Hi Jesse. Now, if you wish, you can pass the award to some of your favourite blogs.
I have 'lurked' around your blog for a while and always appreciated it. Thanks for visiting.

Colby Ranae said...

Great blog you have as well Bazza, many thanks for stopping by my page. Bliss wishes, Richest Blessings!! c

bazza said...

Hello Colby, thanks to you too.
Did you read all the way down to here? Many thanks for visiting; please come back soon!

bazza said...
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