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Saturday 2 March 2024

The Caveman's Lament

I haven't posted for quite a long time because I've been very busy with other things (and also we've just moved house) but this poem amused me and I wanted to share it!

I'm listening to Jackson Browne's evergreen classic, Linda Paloma. Listen here.


Hels said...

Welcome back!
I very rarely read poetry, but this week I found a poem that I need to examine very carefully (before adding to my blog). So while I am in the mood I will read your poem and look for any impact :)

Parnassus said...

Hello Bazza, I suppose this not-really-sexist (although heterosexist) poem shows why cartoon cavemen (drawn by male cartoonists) ended up dragging cave-women by the hair. About the anachronistic cooking, that is a good term for the dish I made tonight--it should not exist in any time period!

bazza said...

Hels: I really enjoy poetry. It's such a succinct way to communicate emotions and ideas easily! (By the way, I like your new photo)

bazza said...

Jim: Yes, the caveman image is fairly universal (but completely false of course1). I love the idea of a cave man cooking diplodocus even though there is more than 150 million years between their extinction and homo sapiens. Good luck with your cooking!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bazza - what a fascinating poet to find out about - thank you! So interesting and to see some of the comments about his output and him ... I love the poem ... cheers Hilary

bazza said...

Hilary: I have been reading some of his other stuff. He's very inventive and funny. He is currently on tour with the poet Henry Normal who writes in a similar vein.