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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Talent Show Contestant

This lovely sketch from The Mitchell & Webb Show beautifully expresses my feelings about 'talent' show contestants! If you like this there are plenty of their clips from the shows on You Tube.
I'm listening to a track from The Times They Are A-Changin'. Restless farewell is here.
Like many of Dylan's lyrics these stand up well on their own - especially the final verse:
Oh, a false clock tries to tick out my time
To disgrace, distract, and bother me 
And the dirt of gossip blows into my face 
And the dust of rumours covers me 
But if the arrow is straight 
And the point is slick 
It can pierce through dust no matter how thick 
So I'll make my stand 
And remain as I am 
And bid farewell and not give a damn


Parnassus said...

Hi Bazza, I came across this clip at random a while ago, and it was so funny I saved it to my hard drive. I think of it in appropriate situations: "I put my heart and soul into it." Also, "Winged unicorn of delusion." Classics!

NanaDiana said...

LOL- I never saw this clip before. I heart and soul LOVE it. lol Diana

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Oh Bazza, that is funny!

Dylan's words are wonderful and he is truly is a very talented poet. I saw him at a concert about 30 years ago and his show was not good. It was hard to recognize any of the songs and I was very disappointed. Fast forward to today - My daughter saw him about a month ago and her review of his concert mirrored what I said a long time ago. I think it is better to listen to him on Pandora.

Hels said...

My Israeli grandson has a Hebrew name for his first name, in honour of his late uncle. But his second name is Dylan, in honour of Bob Dylan. If anyone my age loved Bob Dylan, I would understand but my son and daughter in law are not of Dylan's generation! It goes to show that Bob Dylan's words and music spoke to many more people than I ever realised.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bazza - I've never seen this ... but to my humble mind, which doesn't like talent shows, probably evokes what they are to a Teeeeee - great clip though. Love Dylan though ... and need to read more of his poetry etc .... cheers Hilary

bazza said...

Jim: Mitchell and Webb produced many classic sketches in only two series but their humour is considered very British and 'cerebal'. They often hit the target of their satire with a bullseye!

bazza said...

NanaDiana: Then my work here is done...

bazza said...

Arleen: I think anyone who has seen the talent shows all over the world would recognise the 'type' of contestant.
I have seen Dylan three times over the years. One of the things I admire about him is the way he continually re-interprets his own work BUT I think he is somewhere on the autism spectrum and does not connect with his audience very well. I don't know Pandora but I use Spotify.

bazza said...

Hels: That's very interesting. The generation after ours had a wonderful musical heritage!
My younger daughter loves the Beatles but her son (Sonny Noah Glenn) is named after a character in a Paul Simon song (The Obvious Child) "We had a little son and we thought we'd call him Sonny", a late great grandfather and a soccer player!

bazza said...

Hilary: Your assessment is right - both of so-called talent shows and Dylan's lyrics!

Sherry Ellis said...

The video was amusing. Although some talent show contestants actually do have talent. (Who put their heart and soul into it. :) )

bazza said...

Sherry: of course, you are correct, BUT so many of them are like the girl in this clip!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

That video does a great job depicting some of the delusional contestants who enter talent contests. How, how, HOW can they POSSIBLY think they're such great singers when their voices sound like fingernails scraping on a blackboard??? However, in defense of the talent shows, once the try-outs are complete, some of the ones who make the cut are reeeeeeally good.

I'm a long-time Dylan fan, but I prefer his earlier stuff. One of my favorites was "Times are a Changing." Accompanied by our acoustical guitars, my cousin, two fellas, and I did a pretty mean four-part harmony on it. (I guess you could say we put our hearts and souls into it. HA!)

bazza said...

Susan: I have to agree about talent shows but I seem to lose interest when the hilarious delusional ones have gone!
The Dylan song I featured was on the Times They Are A-changin' album. His output over the years has been phenominal!