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Friday, 18 December 2015

Bazza's 'Numbers Quiz' for Christmas

This year my traditional Christmas Quiz is not about Christmas but, instead, it's about numbers!
Q1 Add the total number of dots on a standard die to the number of dominoes in a standard double-six set.   
Q2  ‘A bronze desk’ is an anagram for a slang expression for which number? Subtract that number from the number of carats in pure gold.
Q3 Take the lowest number on a standard dart board that cannot be scored with a single dart and multiply it by the prime number that is nearest to ten.
Q4  What are you left with if you take the Meaning of Life, The Universe and Everything from the binary number 101010?
Q5  How many points do you score if you start a game of Scrabble with the word ZOO? Now take what oil does not do with water and turn that Roman number into an Arabic one and add it.
Q6 How long is a piece of string? I found some mixed length of string in a drawer. One piece was the same length, in feet, as a tennis court and another was the same number of feet in length as the number for a hurricane on the Beaufort scale. Add those numbers together.
Q7 Take the number of days of rain after The Flood and subtract the usual number of lines in a sonnet.
Q8 The Plieades star cluster has a much more common name which contains a number. Multiply that number by the number of stars in the Solar System!
Q9 Multiply the number of members of the UN Security Council with powers of veto by the number of the Apollo mission that first landed on the moon.
Q10 How many apples would you have if you took 15 apples out of a barrel of 200?
BONUS QUESTION: In case that wasn't hard enough for you here is a teaser to think about:
What numbers should replace the question marks in this sequence?
1, 50, 6, 45, 11, 40, 16, 35, 21, ? ?


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Oh, dear me, Bazza, my brain is so frazzled this time of year, that I dare not try that. I will return after this season is over when hopefully my brain cells will reactivate.

bazza said...

Maybe I should wait until New Year before posting the answers?

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bazza - I will definitely need to sit and look at these ... so please give us a wee bit long - as you suggest!

I'm going to lunch and puzzle day today - I was told to polish my brains - hope I don't get maths like these .. cheers Hilary

bazza said...

Hello Hilary; I will probably post the answers on the Sunday after Christmas!

Sherry Ellis said...

Wow. These are tough. Maybe if I have some time, I'll sit down and try to figure them out. Have a very Merry Christmas!

bazza said...

Thanks Sherry. Same to you and yours! It's something to do if you get bored over the holiday ;-)

David said...

Hi bazza,
Oh dear, I'm a bit like the others I'm afraid - at the moment I just can't work up the energy to answer any of your questions. Numbers have never been my strong point, bazza, I'm more of the arty/wordy type! Maybe I'll be back in a bit to see if anyone has mustered the will to have a go!
In the meantime, I hope you and yours have a great Christmas and wonderful 2016!
Very Best Wishes,

joanne fox said...

Bazza, my mind is boggled! Happy Christmas to you and yours!

bazza said...

Hello David. I have always seemed to make my quizzes either too easy or too hard. However, I hope you come back to this and have a go. After all, there is a bucket of kudos to be won!
Seasons greetings to you David.

bazza said...

Hi Joanne. Thanks for the greeting which I return to you and your family. Sorry about the quiz!

John said...

Hi Bazza!
This is just far too hard for a numpty like me I am afraid! The only one I can hazard a guess at is no.10, which must be 15? A bit like the 'as I was going to St.Ives' rhyme?!
Hope you and yours have a good Christmas and hope 2016 brings you all that you hope for.

bazza said...

Hi John. I'm waiting until everyone is bored with Christmas and then they might have a go....
Seasons greetings to you!

loverofwords said...

Oh no, a maths test. Not my forte. If you posted a sentence from a piece of writing that we would add to in our own creative fashion, I would be in! But, not maths, sadly. However, a Very Happy Christmas to you and your family. I can do that.

bazza said...

Hi Natasha. It's not a maths test, it's a general knowledge quiz - you just add together a few weird mixes of answers! Anyway, all the best to you and your family for a peaceful holiday season!
I look forward to when you start posting again.

klahanie said...

Bazza, old chap!

Here's my excuse for not get involved with the test of my last two brain cells. It's two in the morning and I'm bordering on triple vision.

However, I do hope you're having a peaceful holiday season.

All the beast, um, best,


bazza said...

Hi Gary. I seem to have overdone it with this quiz! Never mind - I will wait another few days before posting the answers. All the best for the New Year; I am off to enjoy that beast now.....

bazza said...

Q1 21 + 28 = 49
Q2 ‘A bronze desk’ is ’A baker’s dozen’ (13) + 24 = 37
Q3 23 + 11 + 34
Q4 42 according to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy- 42 = 0
Q5 ZOO is 10+1=1 doubled = 24. Water does not MIX with oil, equals 1009 +24 =1033
Q6 A tennis court is 78 feet + a hurricane is 12 on the Beaufort scale = 90
Q7 40 days of rain minus 14 lines in a sonnet = 26
Q8 The Plieades are better known as The Seven Sisters which, multiplied by 1 (our Sun) = 7
Q9 On the 15 member UN Security Council there are 5 permanent members with veto and Apollo 11 was the first moon landing. 5 x 11 = 55
Q10 You would have fifteen apples if you took 15 out of the barrel!

Bonus question: There are two series mixed together. Alternately it’s add 5 from number 1 then minus 5 from number 50 and so on. So the answer is 30 & 26!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

hi Bazza - now I have to come back again with my head screwed on to check the answers against the questions ... they look like I need my head in gear!! I'll be back shortly .. cheers Hilary

bazza said...

Ha ha; I think I really over did it this time Hilary! I promise the next quiz will be (a bit) easier......