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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Painting of the Month (43) March 2014: Lebasque

The Blue Robe (1920)

Henri Lebasque (1865 – 1937) was a French post-impressionist painter and a friend of Henri Matisse. Perhaps not technically brilliant but I like his colourful scenes of the times he lived in. He painted several pictures featuring views through open windows which was a popular genre at the time.
See, for example 'Open window at Collioure' by Matisse (left) and the painting by Raoul Dufy (below). Lebasque painted mainly female figures often in a domestic or rural setting and, as was the fashion at the beginning of the twentieth century, a great colourist. Yellow and purple are on opposite sides of the colour wheel and bring out the best in each other as can be seen here in the contrast between the yellow fields and the purple of the distant hills and the curtains. What is surprisingly common in art is the back view of the female subject; there are many examples of this in the history of art.
Click here to see a whole collection of such views. Although there is more detail in the foreground of this painting, the composition leads the eye to where the woman appears to be looking - out of the window.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I have a weakness for French impressionist paintings. Thank you for showing this artist as I was unaware of him. I plan on going to the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the next few weeks so I will look him up to see if they have any of his works.

bazza said...

Hi Arleen. Me too (weakness for French Impressionist painting, that is - not going to Philadelphia!). You can see plenty of his stuff on Bing or Google images. Enjoy your trip to the gallery!

klahanie said...

Hey Bazza!

This made quite a post-impression on me. I have a weakness for such French paintings, also.

Henri and Henri, both excellent.

I say, old chap, do you still have a dressing gown like in the first painting?

Toodle pip, eh what.


bazza said...

Well my dressing gown is green silk with a Japanese dragon on the back- or did I dream that? :-)

All Consuming said...

Beautiful colours, I enjoyed these mucho gusto, thank you :D

bazza said...

Usted es bienvenido. Gracias por su visita!

Seema B Menon said...


bazza said...

Hi Seema. I hope that means that you like it!