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Saturday, 16 March 2013

I'm Taking a Short Break from Blogging........

An English country garden. Something nice to remember this Blog by!

......but I enjoy it too much to stay away for long!  I have been a bit busy lately (in a positive way) and have been a bit pressed for time. I'll be back soon - watch this space.


klahanie said...

Hey bazza!

Ah, I so love the photo. If only it would be like that real soon.

Glad you've been having busy, positive distractions. I shall sit here and wait for your next eventual posting! :)

All the best,


bazza said...

I'm already looking forward to it Gary!

John said...

Enjoy your break Bazza, I am already waiting in anticipation of your next posting.

Lost in Space said...

I look forward to your return. Enjoy the break.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Have a good, productive time for yourself and I look forward to seeing your return to our Bloggertown. I. Have also taken a break recently andwill be returning sometime this week. Sometimes, life interrupts.

bazza said...

John: I hope to be still visiting Blogs fairly frequently so .....see you at your place!

Lost in Space: Thank you, I will.

SO,AC: I think it does one good to have other interests. John Lennon said "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."

All Consuming said...

Another AC...confusing! Have a good break bazza, you'll be missed, I can say that for sure :) Is that your house and garden? I am puce with envy if so lol.

bazza said...

Hi AC. The other lady is 'SO,AC'. I wasn't saying 'So....AC'! Ha ha.
Is that my garden? Didn't you know that, in the south, we all live in Stately Homes?

Anonymous said...

The terribly sad Sir Tom Eagerly says:
Bazza, I think one of my servants has a cottage like the one in your picture. I shall be distraught without your Blog to read. I think I need a double whiskey now. No, make that a treble, would you.
Cheers old boy.

David said...

Hi bazza,
I hope you come back soon and thrill us all with another exciting and informative posting!
Very Best Wishes and enjoy your break,

Dixie said...

Bazza, even though my break was a bit "forced" I really enjoyed merging with the outside. It became an inspiration. Enjoy your time!

Lovely photo, above.

bazza said...

Sir Tom: Who will you have to annoy now? Fear not - I won't be away for long!

David: Thank you kind sir. I think I'll get about ten posts prepared and ready for use as and when I see fit:)

Dixie: Well you weren't away for too long m'dear so I will take inspiration from that. I love that photo too but it's not my garden.

Dixie said...

You said, "watch this space." I dropped by to make sure it's still here. It here. Ta-ta Ba-za

Trey Rulon said...

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