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Thursday, 16 August 2012

How Beer Saved The World

A selection of terrific Belgian beers
I'm here to defend the good name of beer and to tell you how it saved the world. Really.
Many scientists and anthropologists now believe that it was not the desire for bread that kick-started the agricultural revolution that ended hunter-gathering 9,000 years ago; it was the yearning for barley to make beer. This led to inventions such as the plough, the wheel, irrigation, mathematics and even led to writing! This cascade of world-changing innovations was brought about by the desire for beer.
In ancient Eygypt workers were paid in beer so we could say that we wouldn't have had the Pyramids without beer. There are those who claim it is one of the major food groups because of it's nutritional content.
In modern times it played an important role in refrigeration, the discovery of germ theory and modern medicine. 
However, in Medieval times when water was too dirty to drink, possibly it's most important function was to support the population. Beer was safe to drink and men, women and children drank it morning to night, certainly in England.
That possibly is still the case in some parts! Cheers.
"Beer: The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems."


Anonymous said...

The rather inebriated Sir Tom Eagerly says:
At last Bazza! A subject close to my heart old boy. I've been telling Lady Eagerly for years that I drink for the benefit of my health and I ought to be the healthiest person she knows. I do like to quaff a pint of an evening. Whisky usually.
Cheers old chap.

John said...

At least there is now a reason to drink beer, to help the survival of the planet! A fantastic reason if ever I heard one! Hic! ;)

klahanie said...

Hey bazza,
And beer saves the world. Three cheers for beers. Hiccup hooray, hiccup hooray, hiccup hooray!
And no, I wont end with a bitter remark :)

David said...

Dear bazza,
I'm really liking this post, as beer is one of my favourite things, and to learn that it saved the world is remarkable.
In dear, old Stoke-on-Trent, one often sees what is termed in anthropology, "a Stokie", carrying a can of beer as they walk along the street. Obviously the water here is still too dirty to drink!
Very Best Wishes, bazza,

bazza said...

Sir Tom: Cheers Sir Tom. I'll drink to that!

bazza said...

John: You're quite right John but I think I would still enjoy the odd pint even without a reason!

bazza said...

Gary: Thanks for hopping by, I can barley contain my excitement!
Now I think I'll look for a cold beer in the fridge.

bazza said...

David: I knew you were a man of excellent taste and fine sensibilities. Your comment made me smile. Sadly, beer has a somewhat tarnished image in many quarters but there are hundreds of superb products to enjoy out there. Bottoms up!

All Consuming said...

*raises a can. Cheers!

bazza said...

Cheers. Do you mind if I use a glass? :-)

joanne fox said...

Triffic. If we could now please have 'How Chocolate Saved the World' you would make a lot of people very happy.

bazza said...

Joanne: Lovely! I think mrs bazza would agree with you there!

Dixie@dcrelief said...

Bitter, sweet and in between... bazza, ain't nothing like frosted mugs! Of course I used a straw as well. Invite a few intimates and it's 'suck it down' at dcrelief's house.
Too bad, I no longer drink... became addicted to straws ;)

bazza said...

Dixie: I'm not a big drinker but I am very fussy when I do drink. I would hate not to be able to do it any more so I am careful not to overdo it. Some of the Belgian beers in my main picture are superb craftsman's products.
Personally I don't go for the straw!

Kelly said...

Great post on beer, Bazza. I love beer. I've tried all types of beer. Probably not every type but you know what I mean. I like your picture of Homer guzzling it down.

Your post is partly humorous, but really, I know you're right about how it led to some of the inventions you mentioned in one way or another. For me, personally, it slows down my thoughts to a point where I can concentrate and focus on one thing. I might not be able to walk straight and fall over a table, starting a fight and having my head caved in by a bar stool, but hey, no pain... no gain. :)

Like Sir Tom has said, "I'll drink to that!" That dude is wise, eh?

bazza said...

Kezza: Homer is our leader!
I think it's a shame about the image of beer because, as you and I know, it's a very sophisticated product. The Belgians have over 500 different bottled beers - and it's a small country.
As for Sir Tom, I think he will live forever because his body has become preserved/pickled in alcohol.

Linda said...

Thanks for visiting Roses to Rainbows. I, too, was surprised to find that beer played such a significant part in the beginning of civilization. Not bad on a hot day, either. Cheers!

bazza said...

Cheers Linda. We should all pay homage to beer by drinking more!