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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

London Monopoly (10): Marylebone Station.

Marylebone Station facade.
First of all let's get the problematic (even for Brits!) pronunciation  of Marylebone out of the way: you say mah-l'bone (Click to listen)
Until a few years ago Marylebone was the smallest of the London termini with only four platforms but it has since been enlarged. It's certainly one of the most attractive stations and the only London terminus not to be electrified, it serves only diesel locomotives.
It is operated by Chiltern Railways and runs to Birmingham and Kidderminster and, notably, to Stratford-on-Avon - Shakespeare's birthplace. (That's nothing to do with Stratford in London where the Olympic Park is being built.)
Scenes of The Beatles first film, A Hard Day's Night were filmed there and George Harrison met his future wife, Patti Boyd, who was a schoolgirl extra in the film.
The station opened in 1899 and it's architecture, which is sypathetic to it's more urban surroundings, has made it a favourite. 


John said...

A station that I think I have arrived at using the Chiltern line?! A very attractive building, very reminiscent of the bygone days of railways, not like these new fangled things of glass and steel! ;)

dcrelief said...

Reminds me of watching a children's show, 'Thomas the Tank' with Ringo Starr as host. Fourteen years ago, but my three year old niece never missed a day! It was great.
Lovely building and huge inside. Tickled myself, wondering 'why' all the people out front were wearing blue pants... then I realized it was a bunch of blue poles, lol.
Nice one, bazza; take care.

joanne fox said...

This is the one I mostly use if ever I go to London. Not so big and overwhelming as some of the other stations. Although, last time I arrived there to catch my train home there was a bit of a barney going on between a driver and a pedestrian at the zebra crossing to the right of the station!

bazza said...

Hello John. I think trains from Peterborough arrive at King's Cross but perhaps you were arriving from elsewhere! It is a lovely friendly building and makes rail travel a pleasure.

bazza said...

Hi Dixie. Yes, that was 'Thomas the Tank Engine' narrated by Ringo. Strange that there's a railway connection and a Beatles connection with my post.
I note that, in your new photo, you are wearing glasses; blue pants indeed!

bazza said...

Hi Joanne. I find it a charming place, definitely not overwhelming. Apparently it is often used for filming because it's cheap to use!

All Consuming said...

It's always been 'Marley-bone' to me, but then I like to play with words so they don't tend to have much of a chance. Nice station. Has a 'Steampunk' air to it.

bazza said...

Hi AC. What, like a Harry Potter kind of Steampunk? I suppose Dieselpunk would be more accurate.

Aliza Pershing Krepps said...

Looks like builders nicely took advantage of that central location. Btw, apparently London underground is one of the most haunted places on earth.

John said...

Hi Bazza,
Yes, I was arriving from Stoke Mandeville, I haven`t always lived in Peterborough! ;) Although, I could be wrong about the arrival destination from Stoke Mandeville, not very good on my London knowledge!

bazza said...

Hi Alizia. You've got some crazy Blogs! I never heard about the Underground being haunted but it seems to be a suitable place for ghosts. Thanks for visiting.

bazza said...

John: From Stoke Mandeville I think you are right!

klahanie said...

Hey bazza,
A most interesting article and you certainly stayed on track with this one.
I do like the architecture of Marylebone Station. I have been to Llangollen Train Station. Saw Thomas the Tank Engine!

bazza said...

Hi Gary: Really!? I thought Thomas the Tank Engine was made up. I am delighted to learn that he is real. Wasn't Llangollen in Lord of the Rings?

Kelly said...

Looks like a great place to relax and take in the sights- both the crowd and the architecture. It's interesting that George Harrison met his future wife here, too.

Kezza must say, "Bye bye." Kezza must also make himself some coffee before he accidentally steps out in front of a train and becomes a smear of bloody goop. Take care, Bazza.

bazza said...

Kezza: Get that caffeine shot down and keep on rockin'!