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Friday, 12 August 2011

Spotlight on a Website (5): Corrine's Kitchen

Corinne's Porridge Pancakes
My friend Corrine is a nutritionist and she has started a lovely blog giving her recipes for highly nutritional dishes that she makes herself. I can vouch for many of them- they not only taste good but are packed with low fat super foods and using some ingredients that you may not have known to exist. Most of them can be got in any good health food shop. Take a look here.


klahanie said...

Hello bazza,
Much food for thought in this posting and I did manage to find the link to Corrine's Kitchen. Very tasty recipes, old boy. Must see if she has a recipe for the Staffordshire Oatcake. Did you know, my good sir, the first time I saw such an oatcake, I thought it was a crepe that had gone horribly wrong...
Cheers and good day to you,

bazza said...

Funnily enough Gary they are rather like a kind of crepe but much more healthy of course.

Anonymous said...

Sir Tom Eagerly says:
They are jolly nice recipes old thing but there seems to be a distinct lack of booze about them.
Still, I suppose one could add some red wine to the soup or vodka to the salad, eh?

bazza said...

Sir Tom: Well, they are actually meant to be healthy recipes so booze is out!
Anyway you could always have a glass of something on the side.

Sylar said...

nice post :P

bazza said...

Syl;ar: Thanks for dropping in.

Catch My Words said...

I need more healthy foods these days.


bazza said...

Amen to that Joyce. I mainly need less food!

David said...

Dear bazza,
On seeing Corrine's porridge pancakes, I first thought they were some good, old Staffordshire oatcakes, which are also, of course, sound, healthy fare.
I do try to eat healthily as part of my weight loss plan (have now lost just over 6 stones and counting) so a trip to Corrine's kitchen may prove useful.
Thanks bazza for the info.
With Very Best Wishes,
P.S. It has been a while (well, around 2 weeks) since you posted this. May I be so bold as to ask, where the heck are you, bazza? I certainly hope all is well.

bazza said...

Hello David, Thanks very much for your concern but I am just taking a short summer break and will be posting again soon with refreshed enthusiasm!
The Staffordshire oatcakes sound good. I am sure Corrine would approve.