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Monday, 25 July 2011

Gone Too Soon
I wrote about Amy Winehouse back in Ferbuary this year. I was staying with a friend in the north of France for a few days when the news of her death came through; this post was going to be about the good time we all had in the Pas de Calais but I can't do that now. Her death has really saddened me and all of the family for two reasons.
Firstly the devastation one feels for her family and the loss of the greatest 21st century singing talent in the UK. I think Adele and Duffy are terrific so it's not an empty thing to say. I would compare her to the all-time greats such as Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald.
Secondly, when my grandson, Sonny, was in hospital with cancer and we didn't know what the outcome would be Amy's father who sings with his own band did a charity concert to raise money for Sonny to have a holiday. He was someone who 'gave' and now his daughter has been taken from him. It breaks my heart to think of it.
Rest in peace Amy.


joanne said...

yes, i remember the post, and i remember the charity concert too... it touched me so deeply at the time that when i heard the sad news of Amy Winehouse's death it didn't take long for me to think of you... and Sonny... and of course her family... how painful it must have been to have watched such a slow and agonizing spiral down of such an amazingly talented young woman, only to now have to say goodbye to her...a family's loss and broken heart... the world's loss for the music it will never hear... thank you for your original post about Amy, and this one too... the focus on her talent and her music... with genuine care... without judgment for her torment... if only the whole world were a kinder, gentler place...

Chinatours said...

Sorry to hear that, Amy Winehouse is definitely one of the best singers, her death is a loss to music world.

David said...

Dear bazza,
I too was saddened and shocked by Amy's death, and felt moved to write something about it myself. And one does indeed feel for her family. Her Dad seems like a great bloke, and he fought as hard as he could to get his daughter well. What can one say but that it is all so sad and tragic. She was a great talent.

Botanist said...

I didn't know about the personal connection, Bazza. It was shocking enough news but this makes it all the sadder. I enjoyed her music too.

joanne fox said...

The world will be a duller place without her. So much talent. She'd already made some fantastic songs, but she could have gone on to do so much more. Really sad. I still can't quite believe it.

bazza said...

joanne: You always express yourself so well. Thank you for your kind comments, they are much appreciated.

Chinatours: Yes, she well prove to be irreplaceable.

David: I have seen that you commenented on Amy as well. I will be over to read that shortly!

Botanist: Thanks, I suppose you could say it was 'personal once removed'. A lot of people in the UK are really shocked and saddened at the news.

joanne f: I agree that the world will be duller. It's difficult to imagine what she may have gone on too do. Those thirty or so songs she recorded will be with us forever now.

klahanie said...

Hi bazza,
There's little I can add to this moving and poignant posting, my friend.
I can only imagine the wide variety of emotions you must be experiencing.
May Amy find the peace she truly craved.
With respect, Gary.

bazza said...

Let's hope so Gary. There isn't much more one could say. I promise my next post will more uplifting!

THE SNEE said...

Hi Bazza,

I remember this post because I wasn't too familiar with Amy Whinehouse's music till you introduced me. I also hadn't realized what a role her family played in your own family's journey with Sonny. You are compassionate to give her tribute here, since the media is not kind. I feel deeply for her family.

bazza said...

Hello Rebbeca. The British press were always happy to 'expose' her situation but, since she died, they have been suprisingly sympathetic. She was cremated and a leading UK Rabbi had to make a statement denying that she had been refused burial because of her tattoos. It seems that she chose cremation but the family did sit in the ususal way for her,

Kelly said...

That was depressing news, for sure. You turned me on to her music back in February with some links to her songs on YouTube. She was a rare, true talent. I didn't know her dad did that for Sonny. Wow. That's great.

bazza said...

Yes, I wish there was something we could do for him.
On the BBC today they said he is talking with the government about funding for more drug rehabilitation centres for young people.