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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Painting of the Month (14) February 2011. Severini (and update on Sonny!)

The Dance of the Pan-Pan at the “Monico” 1909-1911
 The Futurists were directly inspired by Cubism. It was primarily but not exclusively an Italian movement that pervaded all parts of life from architecture, music and politics to painting and design. They loathed all forms of previous expression and the movement's manifesto is a bit scarey and pre-echoes sentimments of Fascism. However, not withstanding that, a lot of the painting is very attractive and beatifully designed.
This picture reveals more the longer you look at it and takes obvious influence from Cubism. Gino Severini knew Pablo Picasso and was a link between the French and Italian avante garde.
The surface of the picture almost resembles an abstraction but of course to be truly abstract a painting must be representative of nothing!
The size of the work is monumental (roughly 9 by 13 feet!) and it dominated the Futurists' 1912 exhibition. The idea was that the viewer would feel as though they were in the scene themself as the foreground characters were life-sized
Update on Sonny (4)
He is losing his lovely thick black hair but it will soon grow back
To prove he hasn't lost his sense of humour, he is quick to point out that mine won't!
I am happy to say that Sonny is now at the halfway point of his chemotherapy and it's going well. There have been one or two complications and setbacks but generally it's going in the right direction. He, and the family, continue to recieve the most amazing support from charities, friends, other family members, strangers and, most importantly, the nursing and medical staff of Great Ormond Street Hospital.


joanne said...

half over
the son still shines


(as always, your choices in art inspire and take me places... thank you)


continued heartfelt thoughts of healing, strength and comfort to you and your family... and a big thank you to Sonny for reminding us all that we can always find the light in the darkness if we're willing to turn and look...


bazza said...

joanne, your kind words are more valuable than diamonds and your worth 'far above rubies'.

John Saunders said...

Hi bazza,
I am extremely thankful that Sonny is doing so well. I think humour is a key to overcoming a lot of things, his is obviously very acute!
My continued prayers and thoughts go to you and your family.

bazza said...

Thanks for your support John. It is much appreciated. Sonny makes us all feel humble!

joanne fox said...

That is a very busy painting - almost like a puzzle where you have to pick out what's going on. I like the colours, but I don't think it would be very restful to have on my wall!

I meant to comment on your Art Nouveau piece, but the moment passed and somehow I did not get back to it. I wanted to mention the Horta Museum in Brussels, which is a gorgeous example of architecture from that era. Even the radiators are so beautiful that you just think 'wow' and the whole place glows with golden light. Maybe you have been there on one of your Belgium trips? If not, Google it to read more.

Glad Sonny is doing Ok. Halfway is a milestone (though Joanne above put it much more poetically than that!). Hope all goes well with the rest of his treatment.

David said...

Dear bazza,
Excellent painting. I recall vaguely "The Futurist" movement from something I studied at university, but can hardly remember anything about it now. Thanks for the refresher!
Also, like everyone else, I'm glad that Sonny is doing so well and being so brave about it.
Take Care and Very Best Wishes,

bazza said...

joanne fox: I think the picture was designed for public rather than private viweing from the start. You would need a pretty large room to hang it at home!
Although I have not been in the Horta museum in Brussels I have seen many of the wondeful Art Nouveau houses there. It ranks with Barcelona as one of the best sites in Europe for AN architecture and design. Thanks for your kind thoughts Joanne. They all get relayed to Sonny and his Mum and Dad!

David: Yes, it was also a part of my Arts Degree and I enjoyed refreshing my memory while checking it out. Thank you too for your kind wishes David. They are well appreciated.

Kelly said...

When I look at this painting, I see chaos. I feel like the scene or the story behind it is some sort of social function. I'm afraid if I stare at it too long, however, I'll go insane. Some say I've already gone there. :)

It's great to hear Sonny is heading in the right direction, health-wise. Almost as important as that is the fact he has kept his sense of humor and hasn't let the chemo and the rest of the ordeal dampen his spirits too badly. I believe a lot of adults in his situation wouldn't take it as well. Take care!

bazza said...

Kelly: I think the cubists thought that they were trying to show the world as it really is. That is, multiple viewpoints at the same time because, they reasoned that's how we see things. (I know, don't ask).
One thing I have learned this year is that a sense of humour can be indestructable and it's very important for one's sanity.

THE SNEE said...

I like this work, the colors and the complexity. It's an interesting predicament to like an art piece, but not relate to the movement that inspired it.

A sense of humor is invaluable during difficult painful struggles. Sonny is a real role model, and what an amazing little face he has! My sincerest warmest thoughts to you and your family Bazza.

dcrelief said...

I remember this painting from Art History class. Always found it intriguing and exciting; might be all that red colour.
Thank you, Bazza for the link to his other works too.

I'll keep your friend, Sonny in my thoughts.

bazza said...

Snee: Once a fellow blogger criticised me for making Einstein one of the 'My Heroes' series. Apparently he was unkind to the women in his life. I think we have to be able to seperate the act from the individual. You are right, it is an interesting predicament.
Thanks for the good wishes.

dcrelief: Happy to be of service!
Thank you for thinking of Sonny. He is actually my grandson (6 years old today) but he is my friend as well!

klahanie said...

Hi bazza,
That is a most vibrant and yes, 'busy' painting. I quite like it and it would look perfect in my hallway.
My continued positive wishes for Sonny and for all of your loved ones.
With respect and kindness, Gary.

bazza said...

Gary: As long as your hallway is not less than nine feet high, no problem!
Your positive wishes are happily received. Thank you Gary.