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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Spotlight on a Website (2):

Wolframalpha is a brilliant site for nerdy lovers of trivia. So obviously not me then. However if you pop over to take a look you will end up being fascinated. Possibly.
The link I have made is to the 'examples' page where you can see lots of the kind of thing at which this site excels.
For example you can enter the date of your birth to learn lots about that day (sunrise, sunset, phase of the moon, day of the week, famous anniversaries etc) but that's just a small part of what you could find out.
Here are some examples of what other stuff is there:
If you click on 'Food and Nutrition' you can enter any amount and type of food and you will get a comprehensive breakdown of it's nutritional value; and when I say comprehensive I mean really comprehensive.
If you click on 'Colors' (sorry, fellow-Brits, it's US spellings there) you could enter any colour and get a complete analysis of it's properties including it's complimentaries, it's wavelength(!), how it's mixed and it's HTML values.
Other topics include Health & Medicine, Weather, Money & Finance, Places & Geography, Music, Education, Physics and loads of other nerdy stuff.
Have fun and report back here!


Kate said...

I'm headed over there now...I expect to be fascinated!

bazza said...

Hello Kate. I think you will be. The only problem is, I find, once there time just slips away too quickly!

kerrie said...

thanks for that info I may head over there when the TV and the rain gets to much

bazza said...

Hello Kerrie, thanks for visiting! I'll look in at your place later.
Hope you enjoy

THE SNEE said...

How do you do it Bazza? You really do have a talent for discovering ice in this time of climate change! I'd never heard of Wolframalpha, and now.....oh dear, like Little Red Riding Hood, I've been snagged by a wolf with a huge megabyte(hahaha)of fun-filled trivia. Dangerous site for the meandering, and curious mind, especially from the time allocation standpoint. Have a fantastic week the eloquent Bazza.

bazza said...

The Snee: Hello, there. I'm not sure how I first knew about this one. It is fairly new and I think somebody told me about it; I didn't discover it myself. I think eventually they are going to offer an upgraded version by subscription.

joanne fox said...

I put in my birthday and found out exactly how many days I've been alive. No I am not going to share that information with you. But it did remind me I should be doing something important with every single one of those days - i.e, not sitting here browsing websites on my day off!

bazza said...

Hello Joanne, it is fun though!
However, it can do some really usefull things too. I just checked out my own number of days and there weren't enough digits available.
Am I too hot for the room?

Kelly said...

I'll check it out. They sound as if they get very detailed. I like that. And I'm a big trivia buff. Half of one of my bookcases shelve nothing but books of that type, in fact.

And I'm so glad that they spelled "colors" the correct way. You know... The all American way! Gosh, we're great!

tee hee

bazza said...

Hi Kelly. I think you will love this site......and it is All American!

The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

I’m going to get my American-English dictionary out and have a look for myself.
The enigmatic, masked blogger

bazza said...

Masked One: When I blogged about American versus British English it was an extremly popular subjet.
See my previous blog here for a couple of posts on 01/09/06 and 16/10/06.
It's a fascinating topic!

klahanie said...

Howdy bazza,
I have checked out this site and it sure is full of interesting trivia.
A very colorful site that may end up being the talk of my lil' ol neighborhood.
Now y'all have a nice day!

bazza said...

Gary: Well thank you kindly. (Now picture Bazza's house with the lights going out one by one, Walton's style. Goodnight Mask, goodnight Kelly, goodnight Gary.)

klahanie said...

...and of course, to the sound of a harmonica...goodnight 'Bazza Boy'....

joanne said...

oh my... i spent so much time on the site after i clicked over i forgot all about coming back to make a report on something i learned, and now that i'm back here i'm having to work really hard to try and remember a single thing.

oh yes, here's one that just popped into mind... the word "hummingbird" carries a scrabble score of 22!

bazza said...

Hello Joanne. How can they give scrabble scores without knowing where on the board the word is placed? Or am I being pedantic?
Thanks for reporting back with this because I had not discovered the 'wordy' section before!

The totally wonderful Sir Tom Eagerly said...

Hey Bazza, I've just seen the atomic structure of alcohol in 3-D! It says alcohol is "miscible in water". Not sure what that means but it could refer to the fact that a decent single-malt Scotch Whisky is improved by the addition of a dash of water. Possibly.
Bottoms up, old boy!

bazza said...

Sir Tom: Your total wonderfulness is indeed underwhelming.
Miscible simply means 'capable of being mixed' so, remarkably, you are right!