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Monday, 13 September 2010

Quiz Question (9): Cinema Questions

A change of subject this time. Instead of the usual literature questions here are a couple of cinematic ones:
1) Who was the first actor to portray Hannibal ("I'm having an old friend for dinner") Lecter  on screen?
2) Who played 'Iris' the 12 year old street-kid in Taxi Driver?
Answers will be posted in 'Comments' a few days.


joanne said...

i always love the variety of fun i find here :)

Brian Cox made it to the screen before Anthony Hopkins to play the slippery Hannibal (though I never did see this original version... I think it was the first version of what would later be re-made as the original title, "Red Dragon", with Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal).

and Jodie Foster was in Taxi Driver, who would then of course eventually play Clarice Starling with Anthony Hopkins in "Silence of the Lambs".

bazza said...

Joanne: Doh! I've made it too easy again. I posted this less than an hour ago and you've got it absolutely correct. Actually I withdraw that remark; it was'nt easy but you were brilliant!
.....and you picked up on the Jodie Foster connection.

klahanie said...

Hi bazza,
Okay then, I have been to the 'bar' that was used in a film called 'The Accused', starring Jodie Foster.
The film was made in Greater Vancouver.

Have a good week, Gary.

David said...

Dear bazza,
Definitely too easy this time.
With my own "expert" cinematic knowledge, I'm sure I would have got this one correct. Honest.
Always entertaining to visit your site, though, bazza.
Yours with All the Best,

Kelly said...

Without looking at other's comments... Number 2 is Jodie Foster. Number one, I have no clue about.

I will say I loved this movie and all the rest of the Hannibal Lector flicks that followed. I read all the books, too.

bazza said...

Gary: Well the Jodie Foster connection is there! Of course I should have said in my comment on what Joanne said that the first film was called 'Manhunter', made in 1986.

David: All my quiz questions seem to be too hard or too easy. I will keep trying to get the balance right. Thanks for your comment David.

Kelly: Yes you're right; you can look at the first answer now to learn what that is.
The books and movies are all good.

THE SNEE said...

Hi Bazza, I'm not nearly as clever as your other readers on your quizzes. I don't think that Trivia has ever been a strength...though I am quite good at obsessing on the trivial. Fun to learn about the cinematic connections. As you know, I love visiting your site.

bazza said...

.....and I love your visits!
But wait until the next (hard) questions although I don't know what they are yet.
By the way I didn't actually say yet that the first movie, made in 1986 was called 'Manhunter' with Brian Cox.

joanne said...

bazza... I had to come back and note the irony that a question about an ongoing story of a serial killer would turn out to be one of your easier trivia questions.. says a lot about the level of curiosity and intrigue the dark side calls out in some of us, yes?

bazza said...

joanne: Actually, as soon as I posted the comment to your answer I thought that I wasn't fair to you when I said it was too easy. It's always easy when you know the answer - it was more a case of you be very clever!
It's an interesting point about the level of 'curiosity and intrigue'. Crime generally and serial killers in particular are always very popular in airpoprt bookshop.