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Monday, 7 June 2010

Carvoeiro on the Portguese Algarve (Part One)

I'm off again! This time with some friends to Carvoeiro (pronounced: carv-where-oh) in the Algarve which is the southernmost province of Portugal. In fact it's near the extreme south-west corner of mainline Europe.
We have stayed many times in the same large private villa. I'll spend most of the time by the pool, in the shade, with a pile of good books from the Villa's own library (we add some volumes every time we go).
I suppose I'll be sipping a drink or two while I read and dipping a toe in the heated pool. Back in a couple of weeks!


Bob said...

I thought your blog was about discovering ice. It seems to me you prefer discovering the sun. Perhaps you could put some ice in your drinks though!

Kelly said...

Damn it! Why didn't you ask me to go with you? I would have behaved! Now I have to console myself with looking at internet porn, instead.

Wahhhh... or something. Hope you have fun, bazza! :-)

joanne said...

i hope you'll bring back pictures and stories :)

have a wonderful vacation!

klahanie said...

Hello bazza,
Glad to realise when you said you were "off again!" you were not referring to your own personal hygene:-)
Seriously, old chap, (yikes, who do I sound like?), enjoy yourself and I look forward to your account of your adventures in the Algarve.
With respect, Gary

Mr. Stupid said...

Wow. That's great. Have a great time and bring back lots of pictures.

Seemu said...


bazza said...

Bob: I did discover ice Bob!
It was in the freezer section of the Villa's refrigerator and we used lots of it.

Kelly: You could have come with us; we had a spare bedroom and more than enough booze.

Joanne: I am deciding if I am brave enough to publish my amateurish watercolour sketches of the place! I filled a 6" by 4" pad.

klahanie: This was the laziest holiday I ever had (and one of the best!). You'll be pleased to know that I didn't "go off".

Mr Stupid: Thanks for your good wishes; I had a terriffic time, thanks.

Seemu: How nice to hear from you again! Thank you!